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PheedLoop Who?

We're a small conference technology company based in Toronto, Canada. That's right - the land of maple syrup, pet polar bears, and politeness. PheedLoop was founded in 2014 simply as a better way to collect feedback from attendees. Today, PheedLoop has become a complete conference technology platform, thousands of people have used our service, and we've traveled the world learning about what it takes to run a successful conference. Our platform and company improves every single day thanks to our incredible clients and their feedback. We look forward to having you join our family!

We're not just an event app! What makes PheedLoop really special is its light weight 360 degree approach to conference technology. It's designed to make your life as a conference organizer easier, and create an amazing experience for your attendees and speakers.

How We Stack Up

We know you probably get at least a few calls and e-mails a week from some of the big players out there - not only do they cost a fortune but they all do just about the same old stuff. And on average, 44% of attendees don't engage with regular event apps, and 42% don't even download them. [Source]

With PheedLoop, no one ever downloads anything because we're fully web based and work flawlessly on every laptop, phone, and tablet. But what really gives us the edge over every other product out there is our laser-like focus on engaging everyone at your conference, not just attendees - that's why our customers often get over 90% engagement and loads of engagement data and direct conference feedback!

For Attendees

Attendees have access to an incredibly powerful lightweight application accessible from any device's browser. It features full session details, speaker information, personalized schedules, Linkedin enabled networking, opportunities to win prizes in app in exchange for engagement, discussion areas, messaging between other attendees, live announcements, navigation, and way more. Attendees get to interact with each speaker in real time during their session with simple to use live polls and question asking functionality. Did we mention that they can win prizes for interacting with speakers and other attendees?

For Speakers

We pride ourselves in providing just as engaging an experience for speakers as we do for attendees. Each speaker has access to their own private dashboard fully functional on any device without downloading anything or signing up. They can update their own profile so you don't have to, view their schedules, upload their slides so that attendees can download them if they leave feedback, set up live polls ahead of time or on the fly, export their feedback, and see questions from their audience coming in in real time. PheedLoop is the ultimate way to bridge the gap between speakers and attendees in the digital age.

For Conference Organizers

Here's where the magic really happens. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and within 2 minutes you'll be ready to roll! On average it takes a conference organizer between 2 to 5 hours to set up their conference application to a point where they're ready to send it to their attendees and speakers, and it only gets better from there. You will have access to a simple and easy to use dashboard where you can edit everything any time you want, and customize PheedLoop fully. You will be able to gather all sorts of data about how your attendees are behaving at your conference as well.