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We're looking for some awesome people. Just how awesome are you?

Considering how young a company PheedLoop is, you'll be joining us at a time packed with constant excitement, opportunity, and loads of meaningful tasks - tasks, in fact, which you'll probably define and set the direction for. You'll be right at the front lines of the business and technology, working in a small and hyper motivated team which you'll quickly consider friends more than just co-workers. No matter what, you're guaranteed to have one of the most unique experiences of your life. But if you don't like working hard and taking responsibility, and your humor level is set below 80%, maybe PheedLoop isn't the best place for you.

UI/UX Engineer (Internship)

As a UI/UX engineer at PheedLoop, you will be responsible for rethinking and redesigning PheedLoop's entire workflow and design, with aesthetics, usability, and scalability in mind. You will work with other back and front end developers, and will also be involved in (and potentially leading) initiatives to assess the effectiveness of new concepts through activities like A/B testing, user surveys/interviews, and some brand awareness campaigns. All potential candidates must have some UI/UX experience (preferably web or app related), experience with HTML, CSS, JS and any creative design suite (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator, etc.) at the very least, and a passion for the startup world.

Sales/Marketing Manager (Internship)

As PheedLoop's first employee focused solely on business development activities, your responsibilities will be incredibly diverse and significant. You will be responsible for PheedLoop's online and offline marketing, PR, and overall growth efforts. Everything from social media, growth hacking, and content marketing, to representing PheedLoop at various events and direct sales will be part of your responsibilities. Devising and executing creative campaigns/strategies to improve brand recognition and loyalty and to boost sales will also be absolutely crucial. All potential candidates must not be afraid to work harder than they ever have in an exciting, fast paced, and laser focused environment. Previous experience is helpful, but we are looking mainly for people who can demonstrate examples of leadership, creativity, and lots of passion.

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Tell us which position you're applying for, and attach your resume + 250 words explaining why you think PheedLoop is best for you, and you are best for PheedLoop! Email