Call for Proposals

2024 HCSRN Annual Conference

April 8, 2024 - April 11, 2024

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Welcome to the Call for Panel submissions for the 2024 HCSRN Annual Conference.

Please note, there is no back button. Once you begin your submission, you will not be able to go back to a previous screen to make changes. You will have the opportunity to edit any of your abstract details immediately after you submit it.

Each section of the submission has a character limit; this limit includes spaces. The sections and limits are:

  • Purpose/Background – 500 characters with spaces
  • Brief Summary of Presentation – 1,000 characters with spaces
  • Learning Objectives – 500 characters with spaces
Disclaimer: Please be advised that abstracts accepted for oral, panel, or poster presentation at the HCSRN meeting will be published in the Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews. Some journals/conferences may have stipulations that you cannot submit the same abstracts (title, authors and order, all content the same) that were submitted/accepted/published elsewhere (i.e. the HCSRN meeting and Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews). For the HCSRN conference, you can submit findings that have been submitted/accepted/published elsewhere.

The submission website uses cookies, if you want to submit two different types of proposals, you’ll need to completely close your browser or use an Incognito browser after the first submission. This will clear the cookies and allow you to switch formats.

Please do not use Internet Explorer as it is not supported by this platform.

You are not able to edit your submission at this point in the process. However, you will have the opportunity to edit any of the abstract sections immediately after you submit it.