Call for Proposals

53rd Annual SEE Conference

September 23, 2024 - September 25, 2024

SEE the Way Forward in Experiential Education

The Society for Experiential Education (SEE) 53rd Annual Conference focuses on the transformative power of new and emerging technologies, as well as various educational approaches, to revolutionize the field of experiential education. 

Experiential educators from all industries and institution types are encouraged to contribute presentations, panels, and workshops. Topics can range from emerging technologies such as virtual internships, simulations, and immersive VR experiences, to people-first topics on developing emotional intelligence and promoting diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environments that cultivate well-rounded individuals through international partnerships, alternative credentials, and applied experiences.  

SEE's 2024 conference theme embraces the exploration of novel paths and leverages cutting-edge tools and strategies to enhance learning experiences to propel learners toward a future where they can navigate challenges, contribute meaningfully, and thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Invited presenters for the conference will also have the opportunity to submit an extended conference abstract to the Experiential Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ELTHE) Journal as part of a Conference Proceedings special section. More information about the ELTHE Journal – as well as how you can submit research through the year – can be found here.

Presentation Format

Presenters are requested to provide their preferred presentation format on the application form. Since a limited number of session and roundtable spaces are available, all requests will be taken into consideration, but preferences cannot be guaranteed. Submission of a proposal constitutes your willingness to accept and abide by the final decision of the Conference Committee.

Breakout Sessions are 60-minute interactive presentations followed by discussion and questions. Preference will be given to sessions that actively engage participants and reflect a depth and breadth of experience. Please articulate clearly in your proposal how you plan to actively engage the audience.

Roundtables are two, 25-minute interactive discussions (within a 60-minute timeslot), held at roundtables and led by the presenter(s). Presenters will give the same presentation twice within the 60-minutes. After 25 minutes of presentation, attendees will be asked to select another table and topic. The sessions are informal in nature and are intended to promote insights and conversation among participants.  Roundtables normally accommodate no more than 8 to 10 people. Multiple roundtables will be conducted in the same room. Please articulate clearly in your proposal how you plan to actively engage the audience.

Lightning Rounds are a quickfire introduction of an idea by a single presenter without audience discussion, ideally between 8-10 minutes. Up to five, short talks are scheduled in one concurrent session, in sequence, to offer attendees numerous, shallow forays into critical topics. A moderator will offer opening remarks, as well as work with presenters to organize a thoughtful order of topics presented, and to ensure smooth, timed transitions between topics. 

Conference Proposal Review

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the 2024 SEE Conference Planning Committee. Review teams will then evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity: The title and abstract clearly describe the session. The proposal is well written, and it is clear what the session will be like for conference attendees.
  • Relevance: the topic is current and relevant to experiential education, the conference theme and/or tracks and the conference audience.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes are clear, specific, and relevant.
  • Interactivity (Breakout Sessions and Roundtables Only): Activities, deliverables, and take-aways are clearly stated and appropriate for the proposed session type (i.e., interactive session, roundtable discussion).
  • Engagement (Lightning Round Only): Strategies for engaging the audience (i.e., hook, humor, etc.) to capture and keep the audience’s attention throughout the Lightning Round presentation.


  • 60-Minute Interactive Breakout Session
  • 25-Minute Roundtables (presented twice
  • within 60-minute time slot.
  • 8-10-Minute Lightning Rounds
  • Experiential Learning Foundations
  • Best Practice
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Faculty/Staff Development
  • Institutional Implementation
  • Innovation & Scholarship
  • Research in EE
  • Leadership/Partnerships
  • Technology


Areas of Interest

  • Active Learning in the Classroom
  • Assessment, Evaluation, & Reflection
  • Career Development
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Internships/Cooperative Education
  • Study Away
  • Faculty Development
  • K-12 Education
  • Service Learning