Call for Proposals

CC Global Summit

October 3, 2023 - October 6, 2023

Mexico City

Summit Scholarship Applications are now closed!

Thanks to everyone for submitting applications. The Scholarship Committee will review all completed applications and we will notify applicants mid-July.  

The Scholarship Fund exists to help cover the cost of attendance for the Summit for those who may not be able to attend otherwise. We want to make sure that as many people as possible have a chance to participate in and benefit from the CC community, regardless of their financial situation.

A primary goal of the scholarships is to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion among Summit participants. At past CC Summits, nearly 25% of all attendees received some CC scholarship support.  Our scholarship recipients come from every CC world region, with a focus on ensuring that individuals from Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America are well-represented.

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Summit Scholarship Committee

If you have any questions about the scholarship application process or require assistance, please contact