Call for Proposals

  2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit

  December 7, 2021 - December 8, 2021


Deadline for New Submissions: Monday, May 3, 2021

All submitters must use a unique email address for the primary speaker. NGWA will use this as the primary means of communication.

Each accepted presenter is expected to:

  • Register for the event by the stated speaker deadline
  • Self-record and submit the recording in the required format by the stated deadline
  • Participate in the live question and answer period following the presentation


The 2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit is being designed to provide both educational and networking experiences for all who work in the groundwater industry. We will address science and application.

The National Ground Water Association is soliciting submissions for various types of offerings at the 2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit. Educational offerings will include conference sessions, extended learning sessions, poster sessions, and workshops. All offerings will be evaluated on the most current and relevant groundwater research, practical application, and overall impact to groundwater science and the industry. All entries should focus on technology transfer (no sales pitches) and must be written in sentence form without bullet points. NGWA may adjust event formats and scheduling as circumstances necessitate.

All submissions will be captured electronically through the content management system through May 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit virtual conference sessions will be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each presenter will have a 20-minute presentation slot in which to include a self-introduction, research or practical application results, and time for questions and answers. Submission topics for platform presentations, as well as extended learning sessions, posters, and workshops are:

  • Anything Else Groundwater
    This session will be populated with subjects that do not logically fit under the other three as indicated below.
  • Groundwater Quality and Sustainability
    This session will include abstracts on groundwater quality and quantity, groundwater monitoring and modeling, sustainable practice, and groundwater management. Submitters should address cutting-edge technology with new tools and innovative uses of existing tools and techniques.
  • Groundwater Remediation
    The groundwater remediation session will consider contaminant transformation, sequestration, and removal using all strategies and technologies including biological, chemical, and physical remediation, and combinations of those. Specific emphasis will be placed on combined technologies, as these have been demonstrated to meet site remedial goals faster than singular technologies. The contaminants considered will include all compounds that are regulated and/or problematic in groundwater.
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
    This session invites abstracts addressing geologic and engineering expertise for the design of MAR systems, the positive benefits of MAR including its role in groundwater management and resiliency, and potential business opportunities.
  • Applications of Geophysical Imaging Techniques
    The SEG-NGWA collaboration committee is soliciting NGWA Groundwater Summit abstract submissions on applications of geophysical imaging techniques for Managed Aquifer Recharge and/or Conceptual Site Models for groundwater management and remediation. Studies focusing on optimal data acquisition strategies, data processing and error quantification, appropriate regularization of model parameters, integration of prior information and/or non-geophysical measurements, joint inversion, or persistent challenges in using geophysical techniques for groundwater management and remediation are desired.
  • Maui Supreme Court Case
    This special session welcomes abstracts on practical methods to evaluate groundwater as a conduit between point sources and surface water in response to the Maui Supreme Court case.


Posters will be scheduled during the 2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit and be presented electronically and must include some supporting graphics or visual displays. Accepted presenters should plan for a 20-minute segments allowing some time for questions and answers.


These 90-minute slots are provided to allow a more in-depth exploration of current groundwater science and technology.


These 60-minute programs are intended to present specific concepts and outcomes on current groundwater issues.







2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit

By National Ground Water Association

Dec. 7, 2021 - Dec. 8, 2021


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