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  October 12, 2021 - November 12, 2021

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Welcome to the AAPM 2022
Scientific Poster Abstract Session Submission Center

 Abstract submission deadline is November 12th
on or before, 5pm CT

Please read the following information
carefully before you start your submission:

Only lead authors may submit scientific poster abstracts for consideration. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS ABSTRACT IF YOU ARE NOT THE LEAD AUTHOR. 

  • Submitted (session) poster abstract(s) will be reviewed by the AAPM Scientific Poster Abstract Committee and notification of selection will be sent via email to the lead author (only) in December.
  • Selection Criteria and Evaluation ­ Members of the AAPM Scientific Poster Abstract Committee will review each submission on the following criteria: (a) improves knowledge, competence, or performance; (b) innovative solutions to current issues; (c) well written and clearly communicated; (d) broad appeal to the interests of AAPM members; (e) scientific rigor; (f) free of commercial bias.
  • Clinical Categories for Submission: Basic science, acute pain, technology innovation, chronic pain, epidemiology/healthcare policy/education, pharmacological, procedures, psychosocial, rehabilitation, translational. You will be asked to check which category you are submitting under.
  • Abstract Text Body: ­ In 250 words or less, provide an accurate, succinct and informative representation of the content you plan to present. The recommended abstract format includes: Introduction/Statement of the Problem, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusions. A statement regarding the protocol used to recruit human subjects and obtain appropriate IRB approval should be included in the "Materials and Methods" section. 

    We encourage you to consider using The STROBE recommendations in structuring and preparing your abstract, if applicable.

    Commercialism ­ Presentations must avoid any semblance of commercialism: those constituting promotion and advertising are prohibited. Abstracts that constitute promotion and advertising will not be accepted. If the project has been underwritten to any extent, a clear acknowledgement stating the nature of the support and identifying the source must be included.

    Commercial Support – Submitting authors will be subject to disclosure of all financial relationships they may have with any commercial interests. Posters should conform to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and FDA Guidelines regarding promotion of FDA regulated products. Commercial interest as defined by the ACCME is: any entity producing, marketing, re­selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.

    Statements made in abstract and poster presentations are the sole responsibility of the author or presenters. Statements should not be viewed as or considered representative of any formal stance or position taken on any subject, issue, or product of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

  • Abstracts require three citation of reference, for submission.
  • Any funding of the project must be listed.
  • You will be allowed to submit charts, graphs or images to accompany your abstract, upload below. Please note the maximum file size is 15 MB.  Accepted File Formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf. No images will appear alongside your abstract if published in Pain Medicine. 
  • All accepted abstract authors will be expected to submit a disclosure form; if they are not submitted within the final poster content submission timeframe presenter will not be provided a presentation time slot

  • By submitting an abstract, please be aware that you are agreeing that, if selected, you, or a co-author designated by you during the submission process, will serve as poster presenter at the Annual Meeting and that you understand that the poster presenter will be responsible for all expenses incurred in registering for, traveling to, and attending the Annual Meeting.
  • Up to six winning abstracts may be selected to be presented during a Flash Talk session within the meeting. These presenters, upon notification and acceptance of the invitation to speak, will be provided additional benefits as faculty including waived conference 
  • Please note, all selected abstracts will be published in Pain Medicine as submitted. Therefore it is important that you check your submission for accuracy, grammar, citation of references, co-author names and credentials, before hitting “submit.
  • Upon submission of your abstract, you will receive a system-generated email confirmation and each of your co-authors will receive notification of their inclusion in your abstract following completed application. Remember, notification of selection will be communicated only with you as lead author. If your abstract is accepted, it is your responsibility as lead author to inform your co-authors of acceptance.




Call for Abstracts

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