Call for Proposals

  HIV & Aging: Mitochondria to the Metropolis - Population Determinants of Health

  April 15, 2021 - April 16, 2021


About half of all Persons Living with HIV are aged 50 or older.  They will not only face a future of sustained adherence to medication and treatment regimens linked to their infection, but they are also likely to experience multiple comorbidities and cognitive impairment that could affect their ability to function. 

The overarching goal of this conference is to expand research on the intersection of HIV and Aging – from the most basic to the most applied levels – and to move the science forward in these areas. This conference will focus on Population Determinants of Health in Persons Aging with HIV, specifically the biological, clinical, and social/behavioral determinants of health in older persons with HIV. In addition, we are requesting abstracts related to the risk/relationship of HIV for Covid-19 and the impact of Covid-19 on older persons with HIV.

General Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

Podium abstracts will be selected that best exemplify the focus on biological, clinical, or social/behavioral determinants of health in older persons with HIV. In addition, abstracts related to the risk/relationship of HIV for Covid-19 and impact of Covid-19 on older persons with HIV are encouraged. Abstracts derived from research that is completed or in progress are preferred; such work can include bench, translational, interventional, or health services research but may also include systematic literature reviews. Abstracts proposing future work or conceptual/theoretical frameworks that might serve as the platform for future work will also be considered. Abstracts from students/trainees are encouraged.

  • The top-scoring abstracts will be selected for presentation at a special session of the conference.
  • Top-scoring abstracts from students/trainees will receive recognition.

Important Dates & Deadlines: 

  • Monday, September 28, 2020 - Abstract Submission Open:
  • Friday, February 12 @ 11:59pm EST - Abstract Submission Closes. You may edit your submission till this deadline, but will be considered final and will be reviewed based on the content provided at the time of deadline.
  • Week of March 19, 2021: Notifications Sent Out 

Your Abstract Should Include the Following Components:
  • Title: A brief statement of the nature of the investigation or purpose of the project. (400 characters with spaces)
  • Authors: All authors and affiliations.
  • Background/Objectives: The overall purpose, research question, or study hypothesis. (700 characters with spaces)
  • Methods: The study or project design and methods (sample, procedures, measures, and/or data analysis). Qualitative or quantitative methods are acceptable. (700 characters with spaces)
  • Results: The study or project findings or products. (700 characters with spaces)
  • Conclusions: The overall impact of findings and relevance to the science of HIV and Aging, functional wellness, clinical care, healthcare, or health policy. (700 characters with spaces)
For More Information
If you should have specific questions when submitting your abstract, please email us at: You are encouraged to visit the conference website for additional conference information as the event approaches.

We look forward to reading your abstracts and seeing you virtually at the 2021 HIV and Aging Conference in April!

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