Call for Proposals

Spo Ho Xperience

October 11, 2023 - October 12, 2023

Infinity Convention Centre, Ottawa, ON

SPOHOX™ Speaker Application Form

We’re recruiting Topic Hosts to lead thought-provoking and provocative discussions during a session at SPOHOX™ called The Scrum which takes place on the afternoon of Day 1 (October 11, 2023).

What is the Spo Ho Scrum™?

The Scrum™ is a 2-hr session featuring interactive workshops and discussions on spicey topics impacting the sport hosting industry. It’s where things either get awkward or magical (or a little bit of both) as SPOHOX™ attendees participate in conversations around themes that are provocative and topical. The Scrum™ is designed to be memorable and lively and will change the way SPOHOX™ attendees think about relevant issues impacting sport hosting.

Topic Hosts at The Scrum™ will be required to lead four 30-minute interactive discussions on the designated topic. Each workshop group will consist of 12-15 people per 30-minute round. Attendees will select to be part of 4 topics and will rotate through each one (4 topics x 30 minutes each = 2 hrs).

There is very little advance prep required for Topic Hosts, other than to prepare a brief 2-minute intro to the topic and 2 or 3 stimulating questions or facts to get the conversation started. We are looking for Topic Hosts who are not afraid to facilitate difficult conversations, spark debate, and who come prepared to open minds to new concepts or ideas.

If this sounds like you complete the speaker application form to submit your name for consideration. A member of our planning team will be in touch. Thank you!