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World Trails Conference 2024

September 30, 2024 - October 3, 2024

Delta Hotel - Ottawa City Centre

The World Trails Conference is a global gathering of trail experts, trail managers and builders, trail destinations, enthusiasts and academics, who meet every two years to share knowledge, network and ensure the benefits trails offer society continue to be sustainable and supported around the world.

The next World Trails Conference will be held in Canada’s capital from September 30 to October 3, 2024 at Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre.

Hosted by the Trans Canada Trail, the 2024 World Trails Conference in Ottawa will be one you won’t want to miss.

2024 Theme: Connecting People, Places and the Planet

The 2024 World Trails Conference will focus on connection – to people, places and the planet. Explore the profound bonds that link humanity to the natural world and develop a new understanding of how our trails impact the environment, communities and each other. This theme encourages a holistic perspective and celebrates the intricate web of connections that shape our trails. Sessions and discussion may explore:

Climate and Nature: Delve into the essential intersection of human activity and the environment, addressing the pressing concerns of climate change, biodiversity loss, and the imperative for sustainable practices.

  • Sustainability: Explore innovative approaches and strategies for sustainable trail management and development, with an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact and preserving natural ecosystems.
  • Conservation: Highlight the critical need for trail conservation efforts to safeguard our planet’s natural treasures and promote responsible stewardship of our environment.

Regenerative Tourism: Uncover the transformative potential of tourism as a catalyst for positive change, focusing on revitalizing communities, nurturing art and culture, and harnessing technology to enhance the visitor experience.

  • Tourism: Examine the multifaceted role of tourism in trail destinations, considering economic benefits, responsible travel practices, and the power of tourism to foster cross-cultural connections.
  • Arts and Culture: Celebrate the vibrant intersection of trails, art, and culture, promoting the cultural richness of trail regions and their potential to foster creativity, appreciation, and expression.
  • Digitization & Technology: Investigate the evolving landscape of trail management through digital innovation, emphasizing advancements in technology to enhance trail accessibility, safety, and user experience.

Resilient Trails Sector: Explore how diverse participation, community collaboration and innovative operational models contribute to a thriving trail sector, with a strong emphasis on education, inclusion and knowledge sharing.

  • Education and Inclusive Engagement: Showcase the importance of educational initiatives and inclusive practices, ensuring that trails are welcoming and accessible to all, and that local communities actively participate in their preservation and growth.
  • Knowledge: Emphasize the value of sharing knowledge and best practices within the trails community, promoting collaboration and information exchange to drive innovation, sustainability, and responsible trail management.