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How we're creating the single most useful tool for conference planners

The team worked around the clock to make our event and app a great success. They were beyond patient, accommodating, and professional. [We] couldn't have imagined working with with anyone else and couldn't be happier.

Laura C.

This will be our third year using Pheedloop and we’re very happy with the service. Each year it’s gotten better and better. I’m always very grateful and appreciative when I can trust a vendor to respond without having to follow up or nag them to meet my timeline.

Anastasia S.
Everlink Payments

An exchange on Twitter started a great relationship between Reward Gateway and PheedLoop. I was curious – so what was this Pheedloop business about? I checked it out and it has made a huge change to how we ask for and get honest, fast feedback – fast.

Reward Gateway
Glenn E.
Reward Gateway

Our Unfair Advantage

If you've interacted with us, you already know that we not only crave user feedback, but we rapidly execute in response to it. We think of PheedLoop as a living, breathing piece of technology. At the cusp of perfection, but constantly in evolution.

From minor user interface adjustments, to major feature deployments, since 2015 PheedLoop has been directed entirely by event professionals. Try us, you won't find another company more dedicated to your feedback. This is our unfair advantage.

Our History

Back in 2014, when PheedLoop first came online, it served one purpose only. Speakers of any kind could generate a single page to collect feedback from their audience. Today, speaker feedback is still crucial, but only one feature out of 75+

PheedLoop Inc. established in 2014

A group of young engineers spent their weekends researching, building, and testing the initial concept. The platform first came online mid-2014. The founders would soon graduate with degrees in Physics and Aerospace.

Starting up and
globe trotting in 2015

With some start-up funding, new hires, an office in Toronto's Digital Media Zone, and several incredible customers, the team's vision for the product became much grander. Meanwhile, from IMEX in Las Vegas to Websummit in Dublin, the team was leaving footprints.

PheedLoop 2.0 in 2016

With the launch of 2.0, PheedLoop became pretty much unrecognizable compared to its early days. Driven by customer feedback for the past 2 years, PheedLoop had transformed into a full stack solution for conference planners.

Rapid growth and development,
2017 and beyond

Today, PheedLoop is growing more quickly than ever as a product, and company. Users claim with confidence that there's no product like it on the market. Demonstrating PheedLoop as a market leader in conference management and engagement technology has become the company's primary focus.

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