Call for Proposals

ASLE + AESS 2023 Conference

July 8, 2023 - July 22, 2023

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

ASLE Travel Award Application

Funding Amount
: Twelve (12) awards of $500 each will be given.

Deadline to Apply: March 22, 2023

Purpose: The purpose of the travel award is to substantively support participants who are in precarious employment or students, who lack institutional funding, and who can reasonably demonstrate that an award will make attending the conference possible. Relatedly, another purpose is to support members whose presence contributes to ASLE’s mission of “promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility on behalf of the membership.”

Eligibility requires that an applicant:

  • is or will become a member of ASLE (or an international ASLE affiliate, for example ASLE-Korea, EASLCE, etc., see full list here) by the conference registration deadline
  • has not previously received an ASLE Conference Travel Award
  • has an official role to play at the conference (in order of priority: presenting an accepted paper or reading, attending a pre-conference workshop, chairing a panel)
  • demonstrates financial need
  • preference will be given to applicants of international, student, independent, or contingent/adjunct status

To Apply, please fill out the form below. The following items will be required:

  • Your current professional and membership status, professional affiliation, and type and title of your presentation, panel or workshop
  • A brief statement that includes an explanation of your role(s) in the conference program, and whether your paper/panel has been accepted
  • An explanation (250 words maximum) of how your attendance contributes to the purpose above, which explicitly seeks to support economic and demographic inclusivity, students, and international members
  • A detailed estimate of the budgeted cost for you of attending the conference, and any other anticipated funding that you expect to receive from other sources

You will be notified of decisions on the awards by April 16, 2023.