Call for Proposals

ASLE + AESS 2023 Conference

July 8, 2023 - July 22, 2023

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon


Please Note: Revised Deadline for Submissions is 11:59 pm PST on November 1, 2022.  This call is no longer accepting submissions. Submissions for all other types of proposals and panels is open through January 3, 2023.

The 2023 conference will include a new format for ASLE of collaborative work project panels, in which people will engage in significant collaborative work before the conference and present the results of that work at the conference.

These panels should speak to some specific aspect of ASLE’s current strategic plan and mission and/ or the ASLE/ AESS collaboration, which might include:

  • Multi-disciplinary environmental engagement that extends beyond the Humanities in some way;
  • Promoting diversity; 
  • Fostering regional collaboratories ;
  • Modeling organizational sustainability ;
  • Supporting public writing and engagements.

The submission deadline and acceptance date for collaborative work project proposals will be significantly earlier than for other presentation proposals, to allow accepted participants in those projects more time to engage in collaborative work prior to the conference.  The earlier notification date will also leave people plenty of time to submit another proposal for conference presentation, if their collaborative project proposal is not accepted.  A couple of small grants (of up to $500 each) may be available to support the work of these collaborative projects, though most collaborative projects will not be able to be funded (see details for funding requests below).

Proposals for collaborative work project panels should describe the proposed collaboration, in an abstract of up to 1000 words, and should include between 3 and 10 collaborators (four or more collaborators is optimal).  Collaborative work projects must include participants from multiple institutions, and ideally will include participants from multiple ranks, sectors, and/ or disciplines.  The proposal should describe the project on which the participants will work collaboratively prior to the conference, including a rough timeline for when you will complete the proposed work, together with the format in which you will present that work at the conference.  Proposals for collaborative work project panels should clearly indicate their relevance to ASLE’s current mission and strategic plan and/ or the collaboration with AESS, in relation to the areas listed above.  If different people will play different roles in the collaborative work project, those roles should also be clearly indicated.  How groups present their collaborative work projects at the conference is up to them, but the presentations should not last more than 60 minutes total, to leave sufficient time for questions and discussion.  Proposals should clearly indicate whether they are for an already existing and continuing collaborative work project or a new project—proposals of both kinds will be considered—and should include contact information for all collaborators.  In cases of already existing collaborations, project members are expected to complete significant additional work together between the time of acceptance of the work project proposal and the time of the conference.

Any requests for funding for the collaborative work projects, up to a maximum of $500 per project, should be described in a separate section of the application, up to an additional 300 words.  Such requests should include specific details of what that funding will be used for (receipts will be required when applicable).  Funding must be used for expenses only, it cannot be used to compensate people in the collaborative work project for their time in doing the work.  Since funding will be very limited, all proposals that request funding must also indicate whether the proposal is contingent on receiving that funding or not (i.e. whether you would still like to submit the proposal even if funding is not available for it).

Proposals for collaborative work projects may be submitted for virtual presentation, to be posted online prior to the conference.  Any proposals for virtual presentation must be clearly indicated as such at the time of submission.  

Please use the Co-Speaker option below, mark it "yes", and fill in the contact information for all of the panel collaborators.

Complete details about conference theme and each type of proposal's submission requirement can be viewed here.