Call for Proposals

6th Annual National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop

November 6, 2023 - November 9, 2023

El Dorado Hotel and Spa, Sante Fe, New Mexico

BACKGROUND: The 6th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop is dedicated to providing an in-person, highly interactive, barrier busting and action-developing opportunity. We are focusing squarely on providing practitioners and all levels of decision-makers with tools, ideas, and examples of successful Cohesive Strategy implementation. This includes several sessions where participants will be working collaboratively to find solutions and subsequent actions to barriers and challenges that are standing in the way of successful implementation.  

INVITATION: We invite you share valuable information about Cohesive Strategy implementation and significant progress toward landscape resiliency, community resiliency and fire adaptation, and a safer, more effective wildfire response. 

NOT YOUR TYPICAL POSTER PRESENTATION: To give you a more robust opportunity to share your Cohesive Strategy implementation experiences, fantastic failures, and 180-degree pivots, we are offering Not Your Typical Poster Presentations.  

These are short, dynamic presentations about your efforts that can be presented in a number of different ways:

  • Live poster session - held concurrently with an evening reception with food and beverage – these can include eye-grabbing posters, short live presentations , hand puppets, cardboard displays, theatre & costumes, and just about anything you can think of to support your delivery. 
  • Video shorts (2-4 minutes) with you and starring your posters, PPT, video, puppet show, etc. to be played throughout the week at the beginning of general sessions (and also at the poster session?) for maximum delivery exposure. 

COACHING: To help you develop the perfect presentation for your story, you’ll get a personal coach to assist in the creation process so that you can maximize the delivery of your content.

NEED IDEAS?  Consider these concepts to nudge your encephalonic idea-maker. Yes, you can even make up words to describe your efforts! 

  • Scientific research, data, technology, Indigenous and/or Traditional Knowledge and evidence that is being utilized at the local level to make progress on the three Cohesive Strategy goals.
  • What tools and analytics have been valuable in the prioritization of cross-boundary landscapes, community protection and wildfire response planning? 
  • Mitigation Minutes?  A “news broadcast” or other recorded interview (“reporting live from 8th Street and Palm”) about recent mitigation efforts and the collaborative work necessary to achieve desired outcomes.     
  • How did you and your organization address the five steps to implementing the Cohesive Strategy?  
    1. Collaboratively define and understand your risk
    2. Collaboratively set landscape-level and community-wide priorities
    3. Share and co-manage risk across boundaries and jurisdictions
    4. Accept some short-term risk for long-term benefit
    5. Collectively invest in outcome-based approaches and activities, rather than outputs
  • What challenges led to this project? How did you implement the Cohesive Strategy? What were the outcomes?  We welcome stories of unsuccessful attempts and dead ends.
  • What was the process you used to integrate Indigenous and/or Traditional Knowledge into decision-making and what were the outcomes? How can we all do better?
  • Innovative ways to transfer science, data, technology, and knowledge to decision-makers.
  • How did efforts to address landscape resiliency affect community resiliency and fire adaptation, and wildfire response?  
  • How did you gain social acceptance for increasing the use of prescribed and managed fire? 

Submit your idea by September 15