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  CSWEA 94th Annual Meeting

  May 17, 2021 - May 20, 2021



This is a request for abstracts of papers to be considered for presentation at the 94th Annual Meeting of the Central States Water Environment Association, Inc., which will be held May 17-21, 2021at Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL. To receive consideration, abstracts must be submitted online by December 1st, 2020. Submittals that will be given highest credit will include:

  • Submittals with a focus on day-to-day treatment, by people with hands-on experience at facilities.
  • Topics in new emerging concerns (PFAS, Chlorides etc.).
  • Case studies presented from an operations perspective, young professionals, and middle management.
  • Research topics and case studies related to new and innovative technologies.

Two hours of ethics training will be on the program as well for engineers that require this to maintain their license. Papers on other subjects which you feel may be of interest to members are, of course, always welcome. All written papers submitted are eligible for the Radebaugh Award.

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The Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) Technical program Committee has the responsibility for technical sessions at the Annual Meeting. Participants in any sector of the water environment field are cordially invited to submit abstracts for evaluation. The basis for selection will be the excellence of the abstracts as judged by the committee.

Through the online submittal process, you will enter the title and abstract, import your credentials, choose your topic area, and select your presentation format. summary of your abstract should be less than 120 words. The full abstract, including all tables and figures, must not exceed six (6) pages.

The presenting author of each abstract will be notified in January of the acceptance or rejection of the abstract.

The following should serve as a guide in the preparation of the abstract and will serve as a guide for the reviewers of the abstracts.

1. Originality and status of subject: The paper should deal with new concepts or with new and novel applications of established concepts. It also may describe substantial improvements of existing theories or present significant data in support or extension of those theories. Studies of incomplete or ill-defined problem situations should be avoided. Previously published data should be introduced only in summary form and for comparative or supportive purposes.

2. Technical content: A summary of the conditions under which data were obtained should be presented along with the methodology used. The conclusions should be presented in the abstract and should follow directly from the investigation or evaluation that was conducted. The abstract should substantiate that the project has been fully developed, that the theory or experimental procedure has been firmly established, and that data have been collected and subjected to analysis. It should be evident that the abstract clearly describes the entire content of the conclusions of the paper to be presented.

3. Water environment significance: The paper should relate clearly and significantly to the water environment field. Papers of a truly fundamental scientific nature are desired, but the author should make evident the relationships of the work to a practical problem area or situation in water quality and wastewater control.

4. Adequacy of abstract preparation: The committee has noted that historically the adequacy of an abstract is often indicative of the quality of the final paper. As a result, authors are urged to prepare their abstracts with care, following the instructions noted above. As a reminder, an abstract is meant to summarize the presentation. The summary should include objectives, scope, and general procedures, insofar as the limited length of the abstract permits. An indication of results or conclusions is required. Submittal of presentations (slides) or a generic product brochure in place of an abstract, will not be considered.

Abstracts are due by December 1st, 2020

Amanda Sheposh, P.E., BCEE
Chair, Technical Program Committee
Johnson Controls
Phone: 708-549-5931







CSWEA 94th Annual Meeting


May 17, 2021 - May 20, 2021

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