WA Small Fruit Conference & Lynden Ag Show

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Welcome to the WA Small Fruit Conference & Lynden Ag Show

Thank you for participating in this new and exciting virtual format for our event.  We appreciate your continued support and hope that we can fulfill your expectations for this show. 

We are all learning the new normal in this unprecedented time in our world, so please be patient and help us to improve our communication and presentation for you by giving us your feedback and sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

There will be "tasks" you need help us with to make this the best and most complete experience for you and your company.  There is a tab in your Exhibitor Portal that will guide you through this process.  There are file sizes and instructions that are shown in the Portal; you will have the best results if you can follow those parameters.  We can help if you are unable to configure graphics, but it's best to work with your marketing departments to get those files to display in the best resolutions.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.  The more information, graphics and "bling" you can complete on your own, the better your company will shine in our Virtual Exhibition Trade Show.
Welcome! Give us a second while we set up your exhibitor profile.

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