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  •   Direct Messaging

    Every attendee has the ability to browse profiles and learn about their fellow attendees. If they come across someone they'd like to talk to, they can instantly initiate a private message conversation.

    Direct messaging allows your attendees to get to know each other well before your event date, schedule meetings, and stay in touch after your event. E-mail and push notifications guarantee attendees never miss a message.

  •   Public Discussions

    Public discussions are a great way for anyone to start or join a topic, which all attendees are welcome to talk about. Event planners often seed the discussion section with topics of interest relevant to the event or a particular session, or share logistical notes.

    Attendees are subscribed to discussions which they participate in, and are notified of any activity which they miss.

  •   Tags

    Tags are a powerful way for you to segment attendees into different groups. Use the default tags (Attendee, Speaker, Exhibitor, and Sponsor) or add your own, and assign tags to attendees. Tags makes it easier for people to identify and filter attendees. You can also restrict certain functions and sections of the app to people who possess a specific tag.

    If you use PheedLoop's registration and ticketing system, you can auto-assign tags to attendees at checkout based on the tickets they purchase.

  •   Profiles

    Every attendee has their own profile page which they can update any time, displaying their picture, description, occupation, social media links, and more. These profiles help attendees learn about one another, and allows PheedLoop to intelligently suggest who to connect with.

    Attendees can sync their profiles with Linkedin (learn more), allowing them to instantly populate their profiles with their professional pictures and information.

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Attendee connect features open new channels for key stakeholders at your event to communicate in an organized manner, helping you build lasting communities and relationships.

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