Linkedin Sync

When attendees sync their profiles with Linkedin, their PheedLoop profile is completed within seconds, and they are 70% more likely to engage

Enable a snappy and professional experience

Linkedin is the top social network for professionals, and PheedLoop's integration with it is one of our most popular features for a few reasons:

  • Enables instant profile completion
  • Boosts likelihood of attendee interaction by 70%
  • Creates a rich and professional database of attendees
  • Helps PheedLoop make better recommendations
Linkedin Integration


If you are selling tickets through PheedLoop, upon successful checkout PheedLoop asks registrants if they'd like to sync with Linkedin

First Login

When an attendee first logs in to the event app, they are taken through a quick setup guide which also prompts them to sync if they haven't already

Settings Page

No more prompts, but attendees always have the option to sync (or re-sync) their profiles with Linkedin via their settings page

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