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PheedLoop is designed to effortlessly bridge the gap between speakers and attendees via live polls, questions, and feedback

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  •   Live Polling

    Live polls offer a simple and lightweight way to ask the audience multiple choice questions during a session. Speakers (via their personal speaker dashboards) and session organizers have the option to create polls any time before or during a session, and can deliver them in real-time.

    Attendees will see the latest live poll on their devices, as well as the poll's results once their vote is cast.

  •   Live Questions

    Asking questions before or during a session via the event app ensures everyone's voice is heard, and that only the best questions are addressed during the session.

    Attendees are able to vote on each other's questions, helping speakers and moderators choose the most relevant and popular questions to address.

  •   Feedback

    PheedLoop is a platform obsessed with feedback. The word is literally in our name! Events which have never used a dedicated tool to collect feedback will experience massive gains in the quantity and quality of responses they will get - a 90% response rate is quite normal.

    PheedLoop's session level feedback forms have been designed and tested to provide the most useful information to you and your speakers, while demanding as little as possible from attendees.

  •   Gamification

    PheedLoop offers several ways to reward people for engaging with the app, and in many cases, the rewards themselves drive more engagement. An infinite loop of engagement!

    Examples of such rewards include entries into raffles for every feedback response submitted (you decide what the raffle prizes are), or the unlocking of certain features in the app to reward engagement. For example, you may choose to allow attendees to download slides and files for a session only if they submit feedback for it.

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We speakers and feedback

Story time! When PheedLoop was founded several years ago, it was only a tool for speakers to effortlessly collect feedback from attendees.

PheedLoop has grown a lot, but you'll find our dedication to speaker engagement and helping events gain more feedback is unparalleled.

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