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PheedLoop's event app is designed to be instantly accessible, highly customizable, and packed with features you'll love

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Schedule and Speaker Pages

Live Polls and Questions

Attendee Chat & Discussions

Linkedin Profile Syncing

Slides and Files Sharing

Forms, Surveys, and Feedback

Works on every desktop, tablet, and mobile device!


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Seeing is believing, so play around with the live event app (on your right) to your heart's content. There are loads of customization options, so your app is sure to look and feel unique.

PheedLoop is much more than an event app

For example, if you are selling tickets through PheedLoop, you'll fall in love with the seamless event app integrations, automation, and time saving functions which open up for you.

If you are using your own registration platform - we won't hold it against you! It's just as easy to transition attendees to your app.

  •   Features Stack

    Every event app comes with a huge array of default features to choose from. A few of the most popular features include:

    • Individual session and speaker detail pages
    • Schedules, and personal schedules
    • Attendee networking and messaging
    • Discussion areas and announcements
    • Live polling and question asking
    • File and slide sharing
    • Feedback forms for every session
    • Linkedin Sync
  •   Customization

    Your event app can be customized in all kinds of ways to make it your own. Basic customizations include images, colors, and top level URLs.

    Advanced customizations include your ability to add entirely custom pages (full HTML/CSS support), create menu-level external links, embed forms/surveys, personalize sub-page URLs, set private sections and attendee privileges, and much more.

  •   Personalized Experience

    Much of your event app is accessible without logging in, but authenticated attendees are able to create a highly personalized experience for themselves.

    • Build personal schedules
    • Set up public profiles, sync with Linkedin, manage settings
    • Send messages to other attendees and join discussions
    • Participate in live engagement (polls and questions)
    • Enter raffles and access other incentives
    • Unlock private sections of the app
  •   No Downloads

    If you've used an event app before, you'll know that getting people to download an app is nothing short of painful. And when people finally get around to it, it's only a few days before the event, limiting your ROI and narrowing the window to drive engagement.

    PheedLoop's event app is instantly accessible from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop) because it is 100% web based. This allows you to deploy updates instantly, and your attendees to start engaging months before and after your event.

    It also allows you to use your event app as an effective marketing tool, as each sub-section is individually linked and can be used to drive sales.

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