Badge Printing

We’ve built battle tested on-site printing, check-in and registration systems to turn an event planner’s worst nightmare in to a dream come true.


Fast & Simple Event Badges

No more importing and exporting

Working with third parties for badge printing leads to big challenges. Sharing crucial attendee data with another entity raises serious risks while a cycle of exporting and previewing inevitably occurs. Combine your registration and badge systems for a faster, simpler event setup.

Your on-brand badges that work

PheedLoop makes badge management super simple with its default templates or create something to your own specifications.

Use customizable designs to reflect your brand including logos, graphics, colors,


Interactive Badges For Lead Generation & More

With PheedLoop, badges are more than pieces of paper. They're designed to create data-driven and interactive experiences for everyone. Event staff can scan badges to track attendance for the event as a whole, or even individual sessions. Exhibitors can scan badges to capture leads, and attendees can use them to make connections with one another.


You're In Control Of Your Badges

Use pre-built 3x4 inch designs or create your own. Take complete control over the design, dimensions, and colors of your badges, and Team PheedLoop is always happy to help you create awesome designs.

Pre-print badges using data export

Print on-site using high-speed printers

Works with all badge stock sizes


Everything You Need For Your Event

Custom Badge Designs
Pre-Print or On-Site
Attendee Tags & Roles
QR Code-Driven Engagement
Track Attendee Behavior
Lead Gen Built-In


Badge Printing Frequently Asked Questions

What do your badges look like?

By default, PheedLoop exports standard 3" x 4" badges with your banner and theme color. But you can modify the template to match your size, design and content requirements.

Which printers is PheedLoop compatible with?

It really depends on the size of badge you choose to create, and we'd be happy to offer suggestions. For 3" x 4" badges, the Canon PM-400 and Dymo printers are great possibilities.

What are the badges' QR codes used for?

PheedLoop's event app has a built-in QR code scanner, used by event staff to check attendees in/out of the event and sessions, exhibitors to capture leads, and attendees to network.

Do you also print and ship badges?

Yes, we have several global partners which PheedLoop interfaces with to produce and ship any type of badge you like. We'd be happy to suggest options when you're ready.

What details are included on badges?

By default, the attendee's full name, title, organization, and any tags (e.g. speaker, exhibitor, student, etc.). A QR code is also embedded to aid with check-in and interactivity.

Does PheedLoop help with badge design?

You bet! Our designers on-staff are always extremely delighted to lend ideas, design expertise, and direct help every step of the way. We want your event to look amazing.

Can I export multiple badges at once?

Absolutely! If you're going with the 3" x 4" badges, you can export singles or sheets of 6 which print perfectly on standard 6 badge sheets - great for pre-printing badges.

How does on-site badge printing work?

You can use your admin dashboard to check attendees in as they visit your event, and when doing so you'll be prompted to optionally print their badge. It's that simple!

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