Seamless Event Registration

Create an amazing online event registration process with a highly customizable system that stands on its own or embeds in your website.


Your automated sales ninja, accounting sidekick and gateway for your event’s community

PheedLoop is more than a simple event registration system. It takes a data-driven approach to automate and optimize your sales process and help you sell tickets to even the most reluctant attendees.

Our system provides the framework for you to build your ideal registration flows. From data fields and purchasing options, down to custom invoices, group registration, ticket files, and more.


Get More Attendees

PheedLoop created SalesBoost, which enables your event to capture potential attendees automatically, reminds them to register, and helps your event grow.

Sell more tickets with drop-out email reminders

Attendee profiles sync with event app automatically

Embed entire registration process in your website


Flexible Event Registration Systems

More Ticket Customization Options

Looking to implement bulk discounts, waitlists, or complimentary tickets? Or maybe promo codes, custom confirmation messages, or private tickets? Do it all, and so much more.

Efficient Registration Management

PheedLoop puts the ability to manage registrations at your finger tips. Issuing refunds, adding purchases, editing profiles, re-sending confirmations, adding notes, exporting data, and updating charges are just the start.


Manage Finances and Sales Progress

PheedLoop gives you a consistent snapshot of how you're doing financially, and export comprehensive event registration data at any time. Custom reporting helps you integrate PheedLoop's data with your accounting systems.


Manage Event Registration With Built-In Features

Create Coupon Codes
Embeddable In Websites
Custom Questions
Group Registration
Detailed Reporting
Multiple Payment Gateways


Registration & Ticketing Frequently Asked Questions

Which payments gateways are supported?

PheedLoop supports Stripe (recommended), Payflow Pro,, Moneris and Chase Payments. We are able to add custom payment gateways as well.

Can I export event registration data?

PheedLoop allows you to export all your registration, attendee profile, and individual purchase data at any time via your dashboard.

Can attendees register in groups?

Group registration is enabled by default, and based on your purchase limits (if any), attendees can purchase as many tickets as they want and specify who they're for at any time.

How do invoices and receipts work?

By default, PheedLoop automatically sends invoices and receipts, and you can re-send them at any time. These dynamic PDF documents also include QR coded tickets.

Can I edit registrations and tickets?

You can edit, transfer, re-send, and delete tickets at any time. You can edit profile details, edit associated form responses, and more right from your dashboard.

What kind of information is collected?

This is totally up to you. By default, PheedLoop collects basic contact and address information, and dietary restrictions. You can add custom forms and edit the flow.

How often are funds disbursed?

PheedLoop does not hold any funds or financial information. Your funds are routed to your payment gateway of choice instantly upon capturing payments.

What sorts of ticket settings are there?

Too many to list! Private tickets, complimentary tickets, bulk discounts, expiration dates, waitlists, rich-text descriptions, promo codes, purchase limits and more!

Can attendees build their own schedules?

Yes! Enable the option to allow session selection and set session capacities if applicable - that's it. Attendees can edit their selections via the web/mobile app at any time.

Do you offer badge printing and check-in?

Yes! Printing badges for registered attendees is super easy and customizable, and you can check people into your event by scanning their ticket documents from the event app itself!

Are there any fees?

A small transaction fee is added to credit card ticket sales to keep the price of the base platform low, and it varies based on your volume of sales. You do not need to budget for this fee - only your payment processor's fees.

Do you offer badge printing and check-in?

Yes! Printing badges for registered attendees is super easy and customizable, and you can check people into your event by scanning their ticket documents from the event app itself!

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