Importing & Exporting Data

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Check out just how easy it is to import your event data

Let's start with a quick example showing you just how easy it is to import speakers into your PheedLoop dashboard. Sessions can be imported in a similar way. Play the video to learn more!

Note: (1) If you are using the Call for Proposal system, you won't need to import speakers (2) Entries can also be added manually

Export all your data

Sessions, speakers, attendee profiles, registrations, feedback, and more are all available to export at any moment. PheedLoop has all your data organized in neat, sortable, and searchable interactive tables which offer the option to export their contents into PDF, CSV, or Excel formats.

Custom reporting

Looking to generate customized reports for your event? Not to worry! Our staff will work closely with you to generate exactly the kind of report you're looking for.

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