Attendee Profiles & Tags

On-boarding, organizing, and engaging attendees the right way is critical for an event to be successful, and PheedLoop does a lot to help

  •   On-boarding

    Depending on how you choose to implement PheedLoop, there are various ways by which attendees can create their accounts to start personalizing their experience and engaging with others, as many features require authentication.

    1. Purchase a ticket

    The most common and simplest way attendees are added to your event is by checking out with a ticket purchased through PheedLoop's ticketing and registration system.

    2. Admin dashboard

    If you are not using PheedLoop's ticketing system, or need to create an attendee profile outside the registration flow, you can easily create them via your dashboard and send a welcome e-mail.

    3. Inside event app

    Regardless of whether or not you are using PheedLoop's ticketing system, you can enable the option allowing attendees to create attendee profiles directly through the event app.

  •   Tagging

    Tagging can greatly streamline, segment, and personalize so much of the attendee experience. Tags are custom categories (attendee, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor, etc.) which help you and others identify which group(s) an attendee belongs to, and can represent everything from attendee type to organizational affiliation.

    Tags can be individually assigned to attendee profiles, but the most scalable way of assigning tags is by linking them to tickets. This way, every time an attendee purchases a ticket, the linked tags are auto-assigned to the attendee's profile. Tags can be used to:

    • Restrict access to specific sessions
    • Restrict access to specific sections of the event app
    • Target announcements to specific groups
    • Target e-mail campaigns to specific groups
    • Allow attendees to easily filter, sort, and identify other attendees
    • Segment analytics data and insight
  •   Profile and Credentials

    Attendee profiles consist of several fields which can be modified by you and by attendees (e.g. name, title, organization, display picture, bio, social media links). PheedLoop's Linkedin Sync feature quickens and streamlines this process, also. Various settings allow attendees to adjust notification preferences and privacy options.

    Attendees only need their e-mail address and a password in order to access just about everything your event has to offer through PheedLoop. Attendees who were part of a group registration, or were created manually by you, are assigned temporary passwords which they are required to change when they login for the first time.

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