Sales Boost & Lead Capture

With Sales Boost, PheedLoop will automatically convert leads you never even knew existed into actual sales, helping you sell tickets faster

PheedLoop is your new sales ninja

Would you believe that on average, 32% of registrants don't actually completely register and pay for an event? Most event planners don't even know who bounced off their registration page, let alone try to go back and make the sale.

Whatever their reason for shying away might be, PheedLoop pulls them back in and tries to close the deal for you, and you won't even have to lift a finger.

New or returning visitor

PheedLoop automatically detects if a visitor to your registration page is new or has been there before, and personalizes their experience to help initiate or resume the registration process.

First registration step

Once a potential registrant enters PheedLoop's registration flow, your database is updated (even if the registration is incomplete), allowing you access to the details of every potential registrant.

Deal or no deal

If the registration is completed and paid for, congratulations! If not, Sales Boost kicks in (if enabled), and occasionally nudges the registrant to complete their purchase (customizable).

Add a personal touch

If Sales Boost does not end up working for a potential lead, PheedLoop will encourage you to make a final attempt. Send a personal note and optionally attach a promotion code to give them an incentive to register.

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