Selling Tickets

PheedLoop's registration system sells tickets faster, is highly customizable, and integrates with everything else PheedLoop offers

Intuitive & Custom Registration Flow

Lots of Custom Ticket Settings

Promos, Group, Comp. Tickets

Custom Forms & Data Capture

Sales Boost, Mobile Check-In

Linkedin Sync Embedded

  •   Registration Flow

    Registration itself is typically a 4 step process. The registration portal is accessible via your event website and works flawlessly on any device and in any browser.

    1. Account Creation

    Registrants set up their basic account details, varying slightly depending on registrant category (attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor). This step is a crucial piece of our sales boost feature.

    2. Form Response

    Just like you would with Google Forms or Survey Monkey, create custom forms to embed directly in to your registration flow to capture any sort of additional information from registrants.

    3. Ticket Selection

    Registrants select their tickets (one or more type, any quantity). Optional details can be entered to direct additional tickets to partner attendees. Promotions are also applied here.

    4. Payment & Success

    Registrants can pay with any debit or credit card, or PayPal (depending on the merchant you select). Once cleared, e-mail confirmations and tickets are delivered, you are notified, and paid.

    You will be notified of every sale, with detailed analytics, actions, and summaries available via your dashboard. On event day, you will be able to rapidly scan and check-in attendees via PheedLoop's mobile check-in solution. Every ticket is equipped with a unique QR code.

  •   Configuring Tickets

    With three main ticket types (attendee, sponsor, exhibitor) you have the power to completely customize the registration experience for each class of registrant.

    • Select any currency (e.g. CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD)
    • Limit quantities, and create waiting lists
    • Both paid and free tickets are supported
    • Set start/end dates, and early bird rates
    • Create password protected tickets
    • Set bulk purchase quantity pricing discounts
    • Automatically assign attendee tags
    • Link complimentary tickets (for sponsors & exhibitors)
    • Transfer, download, refund (partial/full), or re-issue tickets
    • Set custom tax percentages
  •   Creating Promotions

    Promotions are designed by you to provide discounted checkout experiences for your registrants. Promotion are applied at checkout, and can be customized in several ways.

    • Change promotion code name (e.g. STUDENT2018)
    • Set fixed discount amount, or percentage
    • Limit number of uses before code expiration
    • Set start and expiration dates
    • Restrict promotions to apply only to certain tickets
  •   Advanced Options

    Typically, PheedLoop's default configuration for registration and ticketing works great for events and conferences. However, you are able to easily customize various aspects of the registration flow, and can also configure advanced options. For example:

    • Promote sponsors during registration steps
    • Allow registrants to defer payments, and you invoice later
    • Enable or disable Sales Boost
    • Enable or disable Linkedin Sync prompts
    • Customize registration confirmation e-mails
    • Customize pre/post registration instructions
    • Apply custom HTML/CSS snippets everywhere
      (ticket descriptions, e-mails, instructions, etc.)

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