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PheedLoop opens up countless possibilities when it comes to managing sessions, from design and content to feedback and privacy

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  •   The Basics

    Sessions are at the very center of your PheedLoop experience, which is why the platform offers loads of ways to build, customize, and moderate them.

    • Create both general, and content based sessions
    • Collect, compare, and export feedback for all sessions
    • Assign an unlimited number of speakers
    • Assign an unlimited number of tracks
    • Upload an unlimited number of files for sharing
    • Restrict access to preset attendee tags
    • Customize feedback criteria
    • Apply custom HTML and CSS to session descriptions
  •   Feedback

    Feedback is one of those things which event organizers often forget about, largely because rounding up attendees to submit responses (especially per session) can be challenging. Sound familiar? You're in luck! PheedLoop is all about feedback - it's even in our name!

    • Incentivize attendees to respond by offering raffle entries
    • Instantly share feedback with relevant speakers via Speaker Dashboards
    • Export and share all session feedback (CSV, Excel, PDF)
    • Customize feedback criteria per session, or for the whole event
    • Allow for anonymous or tracked responses

    PheedLoop has spent years perfecting a short form feedback format which provides the ideal blend of quick yet informative responses. These forms are linked automatically to each session, easily customizable, and responded to via the event app.

  •   Tracks

    Tracks are essential for conferences which have concurrent sessions and/or different themes for sessions. By creating tracks, you're making schedules much easier to read and navigate, and helping attendees make the most out of their sessions.

    • Create an unlimited number of tracks
    • Assign more than one track to a single session
    • Filter schedules by track(s)
    • Create direct links to track filtered schedule views
    • Color code individual tracks for easy identification
    • Share and embed the Track View of your schedule (see demo)
    • Apply custom HTML/CSS to track descriptions (e.g. show sponsor logos)
  •   Live Interaction

    Every session you create with PheedLoop has its own set of live interactivity tools. By default, sessions come with the ability to run live polls, and to draw in live questions from the audience. When used effectively, engagement shoots through the roof!

    These tools can be toggled on or off per session, and can be entirely moderated by the event organizers or speaker(s) running the session. For speakers, they can control and view polls and questions via their Speaker Dashboards. To try out both of these tools, check out a live demo of the event app.

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