Call for Proposals

With PheedLoop's Call for Proposal system, on-boarding speakers, capturing custom data, and reviewing applications has never been easier

Embed Custom Surveys

Accept Slide & File Uploads

Build Speaker Profiles

Public Status Pages, Updates

Record Notes, Share Applications

Integrated With Other Services

A simple and feature rich way to on-board speakers

An intuitive, quick and customizable process to on-board speakers. Public status pages and e-mail notifications keep applicants up to date, accepted speakers instantly go live, and you have the option to activate their speaker dashboards.

  • Capture custom form data
  • Unlimited file and slide uploads
  • Public status pages, exchange public and private notes
  • Track and follow up with incomplete applications
  • Export and share all proposals in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats
  • Highly Customizable

    Customize every step of the application flow to create a snappy, responsive, and detailed experience to capture exactly the information you need from applicants

  • Design and Experience

    The application portal is fully branded to match your event's theme, works flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices, and serves as a gateway to your event's website and app

  • Tightly Integrated

    Accepted speakers will instantly flow into your repository of active speakers, become available to link to sessions, and be able to access their speaker dashboard

Step 1: Create Account

Applicants fill in their basic details, a key first step allowing the event organizer to view both complete and incomplete applicants

Step 2: Custom Form

Applicants respond to custom form questions, which are created and linked to the application process via the event organizer dashboard

Step 3: Upload Files

Applicants upload any relevant files by dragging and dropping them into the window, and optionally adding descriptions

Step 4: Profile

Applicants complete their speaker profile by optionally adding their picture, links, bio, etc. and submit the application

Step 5: Review

Organizers review and share the application, record public and private notes, and communicate with applicant

Step 6: Accept or Deny

Event organizers accept or deny the application - accepted speakers are equipped with speaker privileges and granted dashboard access

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