Analytics & Data

Measure your efforts and investment, by keeping a pulse on every bit of interaction and engagement with PheedLoop's real time analytics system

Real-Time Summary Dash

Track Visits, Clicks, Updates

Track Devices, Browsers, and OS

Real-Time Event Feed Stream

Segment Analytics by Geography

Compare Analytics Over Time

What gets measured, gets managed

If you've explored PheedLoop's services, you know the platform does a lot. But without measuring engagement, you'll have no idea how to optimize your efforts, or if your investment in PheedLoop is having an impact. PheedLoop captures all kinds of data, and helps you summarize/sort it too.

  • Capture data from every service
    (event app, speaker dashboards, website, proposals, etc.)
  • Track clicks, views, profile updates, messages, downloads, and more
  • Capture device, browser, operating system, and country information
  • Compare data between custom time segments

Dashboard summary

Every time you log in to PheedLoop, you'll be greeted with an up to date summary of your event's key metrics and recent activity. Metrics include statistics related to attendees, speakers, sessions, and registrations, as well as an at-a-glance breakdown of your event's financial status.

Activity feed

Your dashboard will also present a feed to you, listing the most recent activity across your PheedLoop services. From attendee/speaker profile updates and live engagement, to discussion responses and private messages.

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