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E-mail campaigns, templates, tracking

With all of PheedLoop's features, automated e-mail communication is critical. From ticket confirmations to profile completion reminders, you can completely customize PheedLoop's default e-mail templates.

If you've used a service like Mailchimp, you know the power of e-mail campaigns. PheedLoop makes things even more interesting by leveraging your database of attendees, and allowing you to generate simple, targeted e-mail campaigns.

Oh, and every single e-mail sent through PheedLoop is tracked. So you'll know exactly if and when an e-mail was opened, or clicked on.

Starting conversations with discussions

PheedLoop's discussion feature is an excellent way to build excitement and engagement, and get people talking! Discussions are public threads on any topic which attendees can respond and subscribe to. Event administrators can moderate and even participate in discussions, and often use this feature as a way to communicate ideas and topics to attendees.

Announcements keep everyone informed

Think of PheedLoop's announcement feature as your digital megaphone. By publishing announcements, you can get the message out to everyone in an instant, and preserve announcements in the event app for easy reference for those who miss the notification.

With one click, you can send e-mail notifications for any of your announcements, and you can also limit announcements to segments of your attendees by making use of PheedLoop's tagging system.

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