Forms & Surveys

If you like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey, then you're going to love PheedLoop forms - easy to build, versatile, and tightly integrated

Quickly Build Custom Forms

Embed in Registration Flow

Embed Directly in Event App

Export to PDF, CSV, Excel

Create General Purpose Surveys

Matches Your Event's Branding

Forms and surveys, a built-in experience

PheedLoop's form builder helps you streamline all your event data so that you don't have to rely on external services to capture custom information. And there are several critical points within PheedLoop's services where you can embed forms directly:

  • Registration flow (separate attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors)
  • Custom event app pages
  • Call for proposals application flow
  • Event website sections
  • Branded and individually linked general survey pages

Note: PheedLoop forms are 100% mobile friendly

Customize it all!

PheedLoop's form builder gives you a quick start by applying the same design and theme settings for the rest of your event to your forms. But you also have the ability to input custom HTML text, images, and links into every form's and individual question's description fields.

Managing your form responses

Whether you create forms to embed in another PheedLoop service, or are creating general forms to capture pre or post event data, PheedLoop allows you to easily manage responses. Every form's set of responses can be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats, and unique Response IDs allow you to easily correlate data between services.

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