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PheedLoop automatically pulls all your event data and design settings to create a beautiful, informative, and customizable event website

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Custom Pages, Links, Sections

Embed Sections on External Sites

Built-in Registration

Custom HTML & CSS Sections

Updated in
Real Time

Automatic, customizable, and up to date

Event websites are ready to go as soon as you create your event. The default setup pulls in your latest event data and design settings, and you have the ability to customize every aspect of your event's website. You can even insert your own HTML code to build custom sections and pages.

Dedicated or connected website

PheedLoop's event website is often perfect for most events to use as their dedicated website - especially if it is customized. But, often times event organizers come in with their own external sites. Not a problem! Embed sections of PheedLoop's website in your own external site, or link to individual pages to create a connected experience.

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