Post-Event Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending the 2021 CACEE National Conference from November 15 - 19, 2021. To ensure the continued success of our event, we ask you to take a moment to provide us with your thoughts and feedback. Your comments will remain confidential and will be used towards planning future events.

How would you rate the overall program and value of the CACEE Conference?
How likely is it that you would recommend the CACEE Conference to a friend or colleague?
What did you enjoy the most about the social events?
How did you learn about the conference? (Select all that apply)
If other, please specify
Excluding the delivery model (we don’t know what the future holds for in-person) - how likely are you attend the CACEE 2022 conference?
What were some “WOW” moments from the conference? We would love to hear comment and testimonials!
What changes could the CACEE conference make for future events? Please comment below:
What speakers, topics and additional session would provide increased benefit at future conferences?
Should CACEE explore the option of offering a discounted conference ticket at the time of membership renewal?
Do you give use permission to use your answers anonymously?