Application: youth mentor

If you want to help out behind the scenes of the event and help us make the event fun and accessible, this is your chance! We are looking for Youth Mentors who fit the following requirements:

  • Able to communicate in English, French or both
  • Age between 16 to 25
  • Have a newcomer or refugee background
  • Comfortable with technology and with online facilitation an asset
  • Must attend training on March 13 at 3pm Eastern time

People selected to take on the following roles will be given an honorarium for their contributions to the event:

  • Note takers: Be present during sessions and document major conclusions that will take place throughout the sessions
  • Breakout room facilitators:  Help facilitate discussions during break out rooms by following guiding questions provided by the facilitators. Ensure participants feel at ease and participate
  • Chat support: Pay attention to any questions participants may have through the chat and animate their participation. Share links to other tools on the chat
  • Vibes watcher: Pay attention to participants demeanor, check that the one who join the room are in the registration list


What language(s) do you master? *