Call for Proposals


  November 4, 2020 - November 30, 2020


Join us in November for a month-long e-learning series of panel discussions, presentations and online workshops on best practices, anti-racism, COVID-19 and more. Share knowledge with some of the most inspiring and insightful leaders in midwifery today.

The deadline to submit your proposal is September 2.

Increase your chance for a successful application:

Number of presentations, presentation length and format for virtual learning series:

Fewer abstracts will be accepted and there will be less content than what is normally offered at an in-person CAM conference. Consequently, it is even more important that you carefully consider your presentation length and format of presentation. This virtual learning series will feature significantly fewer lecture style presentations and more short, pre-recorded presentations such as 10 min CAM talks, short videos and interactive panel discussions that are better suited to an online audience. The committee will not consider any 60 min one-person lecture style presentations for this event.

Topics: The program committee will consider a variety of topics related to best practices, GBV, anti-racism, care during the pandemic and more. Given the nature of online events, it is important that your title and descriptions are compelling.

New important considerations and expectations for all presenters:

It will be mandatory that each speaker presenting in a live event participate in a run-through of their material a week before the virtual event.

Speakers are expected to have the necessary equipment to present including access to internet with appropriate bandwidth, camera, USB headset and microphones. 

You have already submitted an abstract for the 2020 CAM conference and still want to be considered?

If you already submitted an abstract for the 2020 CAM Conference and would still like it to be considered, you can choose one of the following options:

You can resubmit your abstract including the new presentation length and format using this new platform.


You can contact Annie Hibbert ( and provide new details on your new preferred presentation format. We are no longer accepting 60 min presentations. We will ask you to shorten 60 min presentations to a maximum of 30 minutes, suitable for online delivery.








By Canadian Association of Midwives

Nov. 4, 2020 - Nov. 30, 2020

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