Maximize Session Engagement with Live Polls, Live Q&A, Gamification, Surveys and Feedback, and More!

PheedLoop makes session engagement easy and effortless. Create Live Polls, have your attendees participate in Live Q&A, make attendees compete against each other or in teams with Team Gamification, and give them a chance to follow up after the event with Surveys and Feedback!

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Live Polls

Get real-time reactions from your audience during your presentation with our highly customizable and interactive Live Polling system!

  • Create polls on the fly or ahead of time
  • Works for all event formats: hybrid, virtual, in-person
  • Pop open poll results on a Live Display or allow attendees to view on their own devices
  • Choose when certain polls go active, have a sequence of questions pop open depending on the timing of your presentation
  • Export poll results and track live engagement using SmartSight
  • Can be managed by event admins or speakers in the Backstage

Live Q&A

In addition to Live Polls, our Live Q&A is another excellent mechanism to keep attendees engaged. 85% of event organizers agree that asking questions during live presentations help boost engagement.

  • Run live Q&A either during or after your presentation
  • Questions can be upvoted, allowing the best questions to float to the top
  • Answer through text in case there’s no time to respond in real-time 
  • Works across all event formats: hybrid, virtual, in-person 
  • Have a moderator help out with the live Q&A and moderate the flow of content 
  • Export, report and track Live Poll session engagement using SmartSight


Gamification is a really great way to keep attendees engaged during your event. Sprinkle codes throughout your event space and watch your attendees compete for prizes and points!

  • Sprinkle QR codes or text codes throughout speaker slide decks 
  • Assign engagement points for completing simple tasks, such as casting a vote in a live poll or asking a question  
  • Leverage gamification to improve your check-in data by rewarding attendees for checking into a session
  • Combine gamification with live polls and live Q&A incentives to create engaging sessions

Surveys & Feedback

Surveys and Feedback are crucial features that allow you to understand how your sessions and speakers are performing while running an event.

  • PheedLoop makes things super easy with our custom survey builder that you can attach individually to sessions or in bulk
  • Create unique feedback surveys for each session
  • Have surveys pop up in the middle of a session 
  • Combine with gamification to incentivize survey completion and aggregate data

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