Assigned Tasks

Fun Facts About You and Your Company
Due Jul 10, 2020
Please email three fun facts about you and three fun facts about your company.  These facts will be used as "Pop Ups" during your presentation so audience members get to know you on a new level and learn something about your company they may not have known!
Update Speaker Profile
Due Jul 10, 2020
Please update your speaker profile by July 10.
Review Session, Demo or Commercial Recording Best Practices
Due Jul 24, 2020 Overdue
As a speaker or sponsor, we have prepared a pdf with best practice for recording your Tech Talk, Innovative Insight, Tech Demo or sponsor commerical (if applicable).

If you are a moderator, please ensure that each of your panelists has received and reviewed this document.

A member of our production team will be reaching out to you shortly to see if you have any questions.  

Videos and slide decks can be emailed to or uploaded in the speaker portal under Session files.
Final Schedule and Info on Q&A during your session
Due Aug 16, 2020 Overdue


Hello speakers, moderators and tech demo presenters: 

Regarding speakers and live Q&A, below are the final times for every session/panel.  We will be sending this schedule out this afternoon to all the attendees, and the schedule is now updated in the virtual event portal.  Apologies for the delay in finalizing this, but we were still receiving submissions until late this week.

We would ask that when your session/demo time comes up, please make your way to the session and then please note the “Stream” and “Engage” buttons just above the main screen in your the session room.  Throughout your the session (Tech Talk, Innovator Insight or Tech Demo), you should be toggling back and forth between “Stream” and “Engage”.  “Stream” will be playing the video/audio of your session, and “Engage” will be where you’ll find the live Q&A.  Dustin Hobbs will be moderating the Q&A, so be looking for questions from the audience and feel free to get the conversation going yourself.  Additionally, we’re able to do live polling in the “Engage” tab, so if you’d like to submit a poll, please send it to


Day 1 | August 17th, 2020


Start Time (PST)


8:00:00 AM (preroll)
9:00 AM (welcome)

02 - Practical Insights on Effective Planning and Vendor Selections

9:03 AM

03 - HousingWire Tech 100 Spotlights and Sponsor Break

9:34 AM

04 - Radically Transform Borrower Engagement

9:58 AM

05 - Profiting from Disruptive FinTech

10:15 AM

06 - Tech Demos by LoanLogics/MetaSource/Secure Dock/Tavant

10:39 AM

07 - E-Closing and Remote Online Notarization

11:10 AM

08 - HousingWire Tech 100 Spotlight and Lunch Break

11:25 AM

09 - Leaning Into Appraisal Modernization for a Better Borrower Experience

12:05 PM

11 - Tech Demos by SimpleNexus/Loan Scorecard/Top of Mind/Salesboomerang

12:25 PM

12 - Tavant Tech Talk

12:58 PM

13 - HousingWire Tech 100 Spotlight and Sponsor Break

1:12 PM

14 - Tech Demos by Total Expert/FirstFunding/Funding Shield/BeSmartee

1:31 PM

15 - Putting Together an Effective Digital Experience - In The Real World

2:05 PM

16 - Live Entertainment and craft cocktail hour

3:00 PM


Day 2 |  August 18th, 2020


Start Time (PST)

17 - Using Technology to Build Better Relationships

8:00:00 AM (preroll)
9:03 AM (session)

18 - Tech Demos by Insellerate/Reggora/Optimal Blue/Snapdocs

9:30 AM

19 - HousingWire Tech 100 Spotlights and Sponsor Break

10:03 AM

20 - The Importance of a Common MISMO API Standard

10:27 AM

21 - Tech Demos by Cloudvirga/FormFree/Qualia/Mortgage Cadence

10:41 AM

22 - HousingWire Tech 100 Spotlights and Lunch Break

11:13 AM

23 - How to Maximize Repeat and Referral Business at Scale

12:00 PM

24 - Cyber Security - What You Need to be Doing Immediately!

12:15 PM

25 - Steps to Building Your EPO Immunity

12:57 PM

26 - Gamification Winner Announced - Final Thoughts from Co-Chairs

1:12 PM