Why Do We Care?

The privilege to serve thousands of events over the years has come with some realizations. We serve countless organizations that do incredibly important work often tied to causes our own team cares deeply about. It's humbling to step back and notice that PheedLoop plays a small role in helping those organizations get their message out into the world and garner the support they need to further their missions. This is why we launched PheedLoop Cares.

PheedLoop Cares was launched on February 17th, 2021 commemorating the day Dipika Goel (PheedLoop's CEO's dear mother) passed away after her years long heroic fight against ovarian cancer.

How Does It Work?

PheedLoop Cares will financially support eligible events and organizations by covering up to 75% of their annual event expenses. The initiatives are chosen because they have deeply and personally affected members of the PheedLoop team or their loved ones.
Please email us at hello@pheedloop.com for more details.

We've started by supporting organizations involved with ovarian cancer.
We are currently working with the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and Ovarian Cancer Canada.