From Games and Schedules, to Video Calls and Floor Plans, Experience a Hybrid Mobile Event App Revolution!

Invest in an event app that goes beyond the basics, designed for all your stakeholders, and in-sync with all your PheedLoop data in real-time. Ready to launch on the tightest budgets and timelines.

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Automated Event App Deployment and Promotion

Events are used to low event app engagement, but we say no! PheedLoop is so deeply integrated with your entire event experience, and takes an automated, multi-channel approach to constantly promote your app.

Because your app is live as soon as you launch your event with PheedLoop, your attendees start benefiting right away. From private messaging and engaging in discussions, to booking meetings and building their schedules!

Boost Live Engagement and Create New Sponsor Opportunities

From live polls, asking questions in real-time, and scheduled push notifications, to feedback, event feeds, 15 gamification options, and interactive floor plans, PheedLoop helps you create memorable attendee-first event experiences.

PheedLoop opens dozens of new ways to promote your key stakeholders, from premium profiles and reserved ad spaces, to push campaigns and more. PheedLoop helps you draw more revenue to your event!

Deeply Integrated with Every System, and Highly Customizable

What makes this event app so powerful is the fact that it is directly embedded in every PheedLoop system and draws attendees in at every turn. From registration and speaker portals, to email campaigns and check-in kiosks, your app is everywhere weeks or months before your event.

And custom graphics and colors are just the start. Add all sorts of extra resources, pages, and links to ensure your event app stands out and reflects your brand perfectly. Our designers are always delighted to lend a hand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does the event app run on?

PheedLoop's event app is available for all platforms, including native Android, iOS, and all web browsers. This makes it extremely easy for users to transition from web to mobile any time they'd like to, because the experience is uniform across all platforms.

How long is my event app available post-event?

The default is one year after your event, then attendees will not be able to find your event in the app. You can remove it at any time yourself, or request an extension. If you continue with PheedLoop for your next year, the event apps will be available from previous years as well by default.

What does the scanning function in the event app do?

The scanning function has many use cases, and it depends significantly on who is access the event app. There are 5 main use cases for the scanning function. First, attendees can scan each other's badges to network and collect points as part of the gamification system. Second, exhibitors can scan badges to capture leads at their booths along with contact information and ratings. Third, event staff can scan tickets to check attendees in to the event and even print their badges on the spot. Fourth, event staff can scan badges to check attendees in and out of sessions for data and certification purposes. Finally, attendees can scan scavenger hunt spots to collect points as part of the gamification system.

How can I promote sponsors in the event app?

There are many ways to promote sponsors, but some of the most common ones include the home page carousel, sponsor directory, scavenger hunt and prizes in the marketplace, dedicated app pages, home page banner, branded push notifications, session sponsors, menu banner image, splash screen and app store assets (only for white labeled apps).

What is a white labeled event app?

There is no functional difference between the standard app, and the white labeled app. The primary difference is design and branding, as a white labeled app is deployed under your account and branding in the Google and Apple app stores (your icons and splash screens). Most events do need the white labeled event app upgrade as the moment you open any event in the standard app on Android or iOS, it is entirely the branding of that event alone which shows. White labeling comes at a cost, and typically takes between 2 and 3 weeks to develop and deploy.

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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