Mandatory Speaker Tech Rehearsal - Computers in Libraries & Internet Librarian Connect 2020

Thank you for signing on to present, moderate, or appear as a panelist at Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian Connect! 

By now, you should have received a presenter invitation to your session(s) via email and other information about the session(s). As we've mentioned, we're asking all presenters and panelists (even if you're doing a pre-recorded presentation, since all presenters will be participating in live Q & A) to join us for a brief tech rehearsal in the Zoom Webinar platform, which we'll be using for videoconferencing for the event.

(If you are a moderator and have already attended moderator orientation, you're excused from Tech Rehearsal.)

This rehearsal will serve two purposes:

1. To acquaint you with the platform (which is slightly different from Zoom Meetings), and answer any questions you have about the platform or about how the session will run.

2. To check your setup for audio, video, and sharing slides.

Rather than trying to schedule individual rehearsals for 180 speakers or 140 sessions, we'll be doing these tech rehearsals "office hours"-style, with a 3-hour window on 2 consecutive days. Please find a time that works for you during one of those sessions, drop in, and we'll quickly go over a few points, answer your questions, and send you on your way.

Tech Rehearsal #1:

Date: Thursday, September 17

Time: 12:30-3:30 ET


Passcode: 987741

Tech Rehearsal #2:

Date: Friday, September 18

Time: 12:30-3:30 ET


Passcode: 440610

Please make every effort to attend one of these rehearsals. Please be prepared to participate with audio and video at the tech rehearsal.

Please email Steve Nathans-Kelly at with any questions.