CIL and IL Connect 2020

January 10 - July 10, 2021

Speakers, Moderators, and Panelists WE ARE LIVE SEPTEMBER 21 - 25!

As a reminder this is what you need to do to access your session(s) which you will be presenting in Zoom.

1. If you haven't already, locate an invitation or reminder email from Jane Dysart with the Zoom link for EACH SESSION YOU ARE DOING. The email will have your session title (e.g., "C204: Building Your Social Media Team") in the subject line. In addition to the initial invitation, you will receive reminders 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour before your session.

2. Click one of the "Add to Calendar" links in the email to add the link for that session to your calendar. You will need this Zoom link to enter your session as a speaker. This link is unique to your session and to you. 

3. If the day and time of the session have arrived and you have not added the link to your calendar, simply click the "Click Here to Join" link in the email to enter the session as a speaker.

If you cannot find your Invitation or Reminder emails, please contact immediately. Please be sure your email includes your name and your session number(s).

You must log in via the correct Zoom link 15 minutes before your session's official start time.

Even if you submitted a pre-recorded presentation, you will need to join the Zoom session for live Q & A after the video finishes playing.

REMEMBER, any slides you submitted via this speaker portal are for attendees to download only. YOU WILL STILL BE REQUIRED TO SHARE YOUR SCREEN DURING YOUR LIVE PRESENTATION!


For your presentation you should only be in Zoom! Speakers present in Zoom while attendees watch the presentation in the virtual event portal (aka Pheedloop).

If you are a attending other conference sessions in the virtual event portal (aka Pheedloop), please log out of Pheedloop before logging into Zoom. You should not be connected to your session in the Pheedloop platform while you are presenting in Zoom. (If you are a moderator, this does not apply to you.)

General Instructions

An Important Note About Time Zones:
For planning purposes, the conference website and times listed in the Session tabs in this Speaker Portal are in the Eastern Standard time zone only. PLEASE NOTE WHEN YOU ARE IN THE VIRTUAL EVENT PORTAL, all times are automatically adjusted based on your browser's detected location. As a result, you will be able to follow sessions along based on your own timezone! If you want to double-check your time zone you can by navigating to your Accounts tab in the Virtual Event Portal.

Mandatory Speaker Tech Rehearsal details and times:

Speaker Technical Guidelines are available here:


Upcoming Deadlines/Assigned Tasks
Important Note: When you complete a task you must go to the Assigned Tasks tab and mark it as complete!

  • Review Your Session Day, Time, and Description
    Due: August 14
    Review the date, time, and session title in the Sessions tab. To review your full session description please visit the Session page of the conference website and search your session number. Please send any updates or changes to this information directly to Jane Dysart (
  • Select Your Presentation Format
    Due: August 21
    Select your presentation format (live or pre-recorded) for each session at which you are speaking via this online form. (Note: Track moderators do not have to complete this form.)
  • Update Your Speaker Profile
    Due: August 28
    Add your picture, bio, social networks, and other important info you want to share with attendees via the My Profile tab.
  • Slides/Electronic Documentation (Optional, but Encouraged)
    Due: September 14
    If you'd like to make an electronic copy of your slides or other supporting documentation available to attendees for download you can upload files at any time before, during, or after the conference via the Session Files tab. (Note: please be sure to uncheck the Private File default option during your upload to ensure attendees have access.)

Presentation Formats
We are planning to have 40 minute sessions with presentations for 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes of interactive Q&A and discussion. If there are two presentations in the session each will have 10 minutes to present before the interactive part of the session. Moderators for each track each day will support speakers along with our AV folks prior to and during the virtual event. Presentations can be pre-recorded by presenters or you can do your presentation live. Both types of presentation will be followed by the interactive portion of the session. The moderator will keep track of the chat and questions and facilitate the flow of the session.

If you do a live presentation you will need to share your screen for slides. We do plan to record all the sessions and archive them for watching again later. If you decide to pre-record your presentation, we can assist with doing that and also provide the location to upload the presentation.  We plan to schedule times in the next two weeks for a tutorial on pre-recording but will also be archiving it if you cannot join us at the time(s) selected.

All speakers must select their presentation format (live or pre-recorded) via the online collection form!

Speaker Guidelines
As you prepare for your session keep in mind that our audience is familiar with the basics and time is short. Please start your presentation with the key messages as described in your session description. We don't want you to be rushed at the end and miss getting to what the audience really wants to hear. You will have more time during the Q&A/discussion to share more of your insights. In addition, following the presentations you will be able to enter the networking area and meet people for further discussion or questions. We appreciate your consideration and assistance in managing our audience expectations. We are hoping to make this event as interactive as possible. 

Please also keep in mind that all sessions are to be vendor neutral, and unless specifically indicated in the abstract, are not to include discussions of your products or services. If you do wish to discuss your products with attendees, and leverage your presence at the conference, you can reserve a spot in our vendor showcase. For more information please see our Invitation to Sponsor/Exhibit. Certainly, if you are utilizing products that are represented in the exhibit hall, please DO refer the audience to visit and chat with them!

All-Access Virtual Conference Registration
Thank you for completing your Speaker Rights & Permission Agreement prior to accessing this speaker portal. All speakers receive complimentary registration to the 5-day Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian virtual conference. We hope you will join us outside of your own session(s) for additional programming, networking opportunities, and to visit the virtual exhibit hall. 

Please note that you will receive a separate email with a link/login to access the virtual event.

Discount Registration Offer to Share
We're providing a special discount of $50 on our 5-day All-Access Virtual Pass for you to offer your colleagues, students, and fellow IT practitioners. Encourage others to register for this year's virtual conference (and hear you speak) by sharing the special discount code SPKVIRT.

Promote Your Participation
Help us market and get the word out about this library learning, sharing, interactive and fun event! Follow @LibConf and use #CILDC and #CILandILConnect in your tweets; join our Facebook page and LinkedIn group to get some interesting articles and post some of interest to the Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian Connect 2020 audience. 

If You Want More Info About Pheedloop
If you want to know more about the Pheedloop platform we are using to run this virtual event, here are some links to view. Please note these are short vidoes designed to give you a quick overview of the features of the virtual event platform; not all features may be relevant to our event.

Speaker Experience in Pheedloop
Attendee Experience in Pheedloop