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Power your event with the best free event app.
Boost attendee engagement, get better data.
Turn-key, and effortless.
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What you get for free:

Mobile/Desktop App
A webpage that looks great on any device, where attendees engage and leave feedback. No apps to download!

Feedback Forms
Custom feedback forms, up to 10 speakers or sessions. Goodbye, tedious paper forms and survey sites.

Use your beautiful PheedLoop dashboard to manage every single detail with ease, and review data.

Export and Share
Export feedback to Excel or branded PDFs, send private feedback links to each speaker - all with one click.

Spot Meet/Network
Linkedin or Twitter attendee sign-in will allow them to arrange "spot meetings" and network with each other.

Effortlessly set up a schedule for all the sessions and talks at your event for attendees to use.

Custom URL
Set a custom URL for your page, an easy to share address: pheedloop.com/your_event or plp.io/your_event

Upload Slides
Upload slides for each session for attendees to download, optionally delay download until feedback has been left.

List prizes you'd like to raffle off. Every time feedback is left, that attendee is automatically entered to win!

Customizable Page
Customize your page fully with your branding and theme. Fully white-labeled, designed to make you look great.

Multi-Day Events
Create embedded event pages for events that are up to two days long. No limit on upgraded premium plans.

Twitter Wall
Get a live twitter wall customized for your hashtag or handle to keep your attendees in the loop and social.

Help your attendees arrive at the right place and on time by embdedding a Google map for your venue.

Show off your event with a gallery where everyone can upload photos. Run them in slideshow mode on the big screen.

Email Support
Questions or feedback? Email us any time, we pride ourselves in our blazing fast response times and love to chat.

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What you don't get for free:

Send us your event data, sit back, and relax. We'll build your page, and take care of everything.

Unlimited Sessions
Host events with unlimited speakers or sessions for attendees to leave feedback for and connect with.

Longer Events
Use PheedLoop for events that are 3 days or longer, each day embedded in the same event page.

Live Feedback
Learn from your attendees and post polls in real time by using our live feedback system.

SMS Feedback
We'll set you up a phone number local to you, allowing attendees to text in feedback and questions.

Your sponsors are very important, and deserve recognition. Upload their logos directly to your page.

Phone Support
Put our toll free number on speed dial, and call us at any time to ask questions, make suggestions.

Keep your attendees up to date and well informed. Broadcast announcements live through your dashboard.

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Free Tier
Unlimited Use of Free Features (above)
Fully Branded Web Application
10 Speakers or Sessions Per Event
5 Events Per Year
1 - 2 Day Long Events
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Single Event
$395.00 / event
Unlimited Use of All Features (Free + Premium)
Turn-Key Page Building
Unlimited Speakers, Sessions, Days
Phone, E-mail, Screen Share Support
Book a Demo, Get a 5% Discount
Get Started
5 - 10 Events
$335.00 / event
Everything From "Single Event" Tier
Personalized Live Training
CRM Integration
Discounted Custom Features
2 Day Turnaround Time For Turn-Key Page Building
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Looking for an enterprise level package or custom features?
Our team can help! Send a message to sales@pheedloop.com

“PheedLoop was cool, and beat the crap out of badgering people to fill out sheets of paper left on their chairs. Never mind chasing down and transcribing the sheets.”
Dave Haynes, Vertical Media & The Preset Group

“PheedLoop has made a huge change to how we ask for and get honest, fast feedback – fast.”
Glenn Elliott, CEO Reward Gateway

“PheedLoop is a cute little tool for presenters to gather feedback from their audiences, without the need for printed sheets or awkward face to face feedback moments.”
Karl Parry, BrightCarbon