Maximize Attendee Engagement and ROI With Touchpoint Gamification, QR Codes, Sponsored Prizes and More!

Struggling to keep your attendees engaged? PheedLoop’s Gamification module has everything an event planner could need to make sure attendees are paying attention. It comes packed with custom spot codes, multiple ways to earn points and redeem them for prizes. They’re fun-filled and competitive to make sure your attendees are always engaged!

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Drive Engagement With Touchpoint Gamification

PheedLoop’s Touchpoint Gamification system is unlike anything you’ll see on any other platform. We’ve integrated gamification into every aspect of your event experience to reward your attendees simply for being good attendees while you drive the exact behavior you want by optimizing your touchpoints.

  • 20+ gamification options on PheedLoop dashboard to incentivize attendees
  • Unlock points for completing simple tasks like responding to live polls, getting badges scanned by exhibitors, asking a question, booking meetings, visiting sponsors, and more 
  • Select how many points each task is worth to drive behavior specific to your event’s goals. Set a timer on certain points and tasks, even in the middle of your event!

Encourage Attendees to Explore With Custom Spot Codes

Incentivize attendees to explore your event space, whether it be virtual or in-person by creating an unlimited amount of custom spot codes and sprinkling them throughout your exhibit hall, session streams, push notifications, and even outside PheedLoop on social media!

  • Enter text codes for virtual events, and scan QR codes for in-person events to claim spot codes
  • Use the PheedLoop Go mobile event app to scan codes, collect points and claim prizes!
  • Get creative on ways you can make your events fun, exciting and competitive with scavenger hunts, team-based gamification, dynamic leaderboards, configurable engagement points and more!
  • Encourage venue exploration, promote exhibitors, and reward attendees for visiting booths and paying attention during sessions with random pop-up codes

Unique Experiences For Virtual And In-Person Attendees

PheedLoop’s gamification is perfectly compatible with both in-person and virtual attendees. Both drive networking but each have their individual approach and contribution to gamification.

  • Have virtual and in-person attendees compete against each other 
  • Virtual gamification examples: text codes, touchpoints, jump into one-on-one meeting in PheedLoop Meet
  • In-person gamification examples: physical QR codes, scan each others’ business cards in the app

Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Everyone loves a good prize worth competing for. And the amazing thing about PheedLoop is that we have a prize redemption system built right into the platform. Pretty unique since we’re one of the only platforms in the industry with this feature!

  • Boost attendee engagement over 50% by offering as many prizes as you want for quick redemption
  • Offer sponsored prize options, set points and limits for them, let attendees compete to win and claim prizes directly inside the platform 
  • Streamline gamification and prizes by not having to run custom raffles or manage rewarding your attendees in a separate platform

Drive ROI For Sponsors And Exhibitors

Gamification can be a huge source of exposure for sponsors and exhibitors. There are endless ways to use gamification to your advantage to highlight your sponsors. 

  • Turn your sponsors into heroes by giving them the option to offer sponsored prizes with their branding and custom redemption experiences
  • Have sponsored logos and their descriptions pop up on spot codes that attendees can scan or type in 
  • Send out push notifications with sponsored information and their codes in them 
  • Design fun gamification activities like scavenger hunts to drive attendees to meet sponsors and visit their booths 

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