Unlimited Streaming Options, From Meet & Stream to RTMP, Simulive, Third Party Integrations, Advanced Streaming Options, and More!

PheedLoop has a streaming solution for any and every event planner to minimize stress, cost, and maximize impact. Whether you plan on using our native built-in system Meet & Stream, Simulive, RTMP or your own third party integration like Zoom or StreamYard, we’re here to make your streaming experience as seamless as possible.

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Meet & Stream - Our Native Streaming Solution!

Meet & Stream is very popular and used by majority of events on PheedLoop. Most platforms rely on third party integrations, but PheedLoop has Meet & Stream built right into the system for your live streaming needs!

  • High quality video streaming with low latency, automatic recording, and an integrated backstage for your speakers 
  • Gallery view, screen sharing, live chat, live polls, and live Q&A help your live streams pop with engagement and character
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model for streaming with unlimited free testing so you don't have to worry about making any upfront investments 

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

PheedLoop has RTMP built right into the platform so you can use your custom video production streaming software and plug them directly into PheedLoop!

  • Use your professional setup and stream directly from the platform via an enterprise-grade RTMP ingest
  • Get all the benefits of using Meet & Stream including free instant recordings, low latency, and unlimited free tests
  • Supports multi stream to PheedLoop as well as dozens of other sources at the same time (social media channels, Youtube, etc.)
  • Popular tools like OBS, StreamYard, vMix, Restream are supported and integrated within seconds 
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to pay only for the amount of streaming you need

Live Stream With Simulive!

We’ve invested a lot into Simulive to make it the best experience possible for event planners who want to live stream without having to worry about any of the stress or expenses. The best part is, PheedLoop is the only platform that offers unlimited streaming for free!

  • Allows your pre-recorded videos to look like real-time live streams - totally indistinguishable and seamless
  • Synced across all time zones, synced no matter what time an attendee joins a session 
  • Supports ability to switch between Simulive to True Live with the touch of button
  • Autopilot mode allows you to sit back and relax while PheedLoop runs your streams for you
  • 100% Free to use! 

Third-Party Integrations

PheedLoop has multiple options when it comes to native integrations as well as the ability to drop in nearly any custom software you want that allows for streaming!

  • Zoom Meetings and Webinars embedded and built-in so seamlessly that attendees won’t even know they are using Zoom within PheedLoop 
  • You will no longer be prompted to leave the platform to attend a Zoom meeting or webinar ever again 
  • Embed Vimeo Live, Click Meeting, YouTube, ON24, and much more!
  • All third-party streaming options can be customized and styled to match your unique event 
  • Supports custom software for breakout rooms, attendee engagements, etc. 

Advanced Streaming Options

PheedLoop has many different features built in to make your streaming experience as awesome as possible that go far beyond the basics!

  • Apply custom designs (backgrounds, overlays) to streams inside PheedLoop to match your brand, promote sponsors, and convey information  
  • Have captions and custom text flowing at the bottom of your stream, no matter what streaming option you’re using 
  • Get real-time human translations in multiple different languages through seamless integrations
  • Turn on record mode - record sessions within the platform for free using Simulive!
  • Autopilot Mode allows your event to run all on its own so you can set and forget the most stressful parts of your streaming experience

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