Live Display system

Create Beautiful Visual Experiences With PheedLoop’s Live Display System

Our live display system helps you showcase all kinds of event information, from real-time announcements to social media and photo feeds, Q&A, gamification leaderboards, sponsored posts, and so much more!

PheedLoop's live display system showcasing the social media feed, the leadership scoreboard, and floor plan.
Trusted By 4,000+ Companies Since 2015
Modernize your event

On-Site Professional Appeal

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Unlimited live displays

Project your displays to unlimited screens and projectors throughout your venue at session rooms, hallways, entrances and exits
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Unified brand presence

Make your event look modern, well organized, and professional with a unified brand presence
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Boost attendee satisfaction

Answer questions before attendees ask them with easy access to critical event details in the Live Display
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enhance Event engagement

Fun For Attendees!

Live Displays go beyond information sharing, helping to spark engagement and excitement! They foster attendee connections, cultivating a vibrant and interactive event atmosphere.

View photos and comments that fellow attendees post on social media to track progress and engagement
Check the Live Display anytime for leaderboard changes and thrilling live updates during gamified events
Bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees by displaying their posts from the event and social feeds
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Multiple Ways To Promote Sponsors

Live Displays are prime real estate for your highest value sponsors since they’re being looked at constantly by all your attendees, often hundreds of times a day.
Promote your top sponsors to enhance their brand recognition and create valuable opportunities for revenue generation
Rotate through sponsored logos on fullscreen to accommodate several sponsors at once
Use sponsored headers, announcements, and carousels to put your sponsor logos front and centre
Unlimited Live Displays mean you can customize which sponsors get visibility at individual locations at your event

Customizable To Fit Your Brand

Create multiple Live Displays that are unique to specific locations in your venue to showcase information and properties for those locations.
PheedLoop's customizable live display system with the options to change colours, add custom CSS codes, and highlight individual sections.
Apply custom CSS to make Live Displays fit your event’s theme with custom logos, colors, etc.
Make your Live Displays stand out and fit your brand with unlimited customizable options
Spotlight location-specific content that you want to display at different points around the venue

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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