On-Site Check-In with Kiosk Tablets, Mobile Capabilities, QR Codes, Customizable Badge Printing, Session Check-In and More!

Eliminate the stress of bulk badge printing with PheedLoop. We make the badge printing process super fast, simple and effortless for your attendees. Choose from a variety of check-in options, from our standard kiosk tablets to mobile check-in, touchless QR codes, customized badge printing and more!

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OnSight Check-In Kiosk

Designed for speed and efficiency, our check-in kiosks provide the fastest interface for you to check-in your attendees. With tablets, super fast badge printing, app downloads, check-in confirmations, and more, we can make your check-in experience feel like a walk in the park!

  • Our kiosks run on standard tablets that you have the option to rent out or bring your own
  • Attendees can walk up to an open tablet, search for themselves, optionally complete a survey, edit and print out badges, and they are off to the races!
  • Extremely fast - attendees are able to check-in within seconds. This is great for large events where it’s critical to keep the line moving 
  • Touchless Check-In speeds up the check-in process, reduces surface contact (for COVID concerns), and provides a more modern, seamless solution for attendees based on attendee eBadges
  • Many built-in opportunities to promote sponsors right from the entry point of your event

Mobile Check-In Capabilities

Designed for events that are on-the-go or that need to scale in the moment very quickly, mobile check-in is a powerful system where attendees can scan their ticket, badge or e-badge and check themselves into an event.

  • Wirelessly print badges directly from your Android and iOS devices 
  • Extremely fast and efficient, allowing check-in and badge printing to happen in as little as 3 seconds
  • See all attendee details, redeem individual tickets and check-in from anywhere 
  • Synced with kiosk-based check-in system so that everything is up-to-date 

Touchless with QR Code Scanning

QR code scanning makes the whole event check-in process fast, simple, and effortless. Whether your attendees are checking in through mobile or the kiosk, this is always a great option for those who want to opt for a touchless check-in option.

  • Multiple scanning options: tickets, e-badges, physical badges, email-based QR codes sent out prior to event 
  • All it takes is a scan to instantly pull up all information and check in super quickly

Integrated Badge Printing

PheedLoop has its own proprietary badge printing system that works seamlessly with your check-in experience. We provide one of the only cloud-based badge printing solutions on the market!

  • Wireless printing gives your badge printing system a modern, scalable look, while keeping costs low so you can invest in fewer printers
  • Custom badge design software built-in to the dashboard allows you to create multiple templates and target them based on specific attendees checking into an event 
  • Specify different badge printers per kiosk to customize the experience for each attendee
  • Connect as many kiosks or mobile devices to a single printer as you want
  • Printing happens extremely fast and within seconds, allowing you to process large amounts of attendees efficiently

Customizations and Automations

The badge printing system is designed to be highly personalizable to your liking. Customize the interface and flow of your badge printing process to make it unique to your specific event and attendees!

  • Send out personalized messaging based on attendee tags so they each get different messages, emails, and badges 
  • Use the custom survey system to embed personalized surveys, for example covid screenings
  • Wireless printing makes it flexible to configure your OnSight hardware in countless different ways
  • Use SmartSight to get real-time reports on how your event is doing

Session Check-In

The Session check-in system is a powerful tool for events that are trying to gather engagement information, track CE credits, and verify access to specific sessions

  • In Pheedloop Go! (our mobile event app) there's a dedicated session check-in and check-out system with customizable settings
  • Process of scanning badges and jumping into a session is very fast and seamless 
  • Self-check in mode where attendees type in a code or scan QR code to manage their own check-in status for sessions 
  • Integrated with our popular CE credit system that allows attendees to gather credits and receive their PDF certificates post-event showing what sessions they attended
  • Use SmartSight to get real-time analytics about session engagement and attendance information

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