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Optimize On-Site Check-In: Integrated Badge Printing, Touchless QR Codes and More!

PheedLoop's Badge Printing process is fast, simple, and effortless for your attendees! Choose from a variety of check-in options: standard kiosk tablets, mobile check-in, touchless QR codes, customized badge printing, and more.

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On-Site Check-In Kiosk

PheedLoop's check-in kiosk
Speed and efficiency define our check-in kiosks. With rapid badge printing, tablet interfaces, app downloads, and instant confirmations, we ensure your check-in feels effortless.
Leverage PheedLoop’s check-in tablets, included with our check-in kiosk, for a seamless check-in experience
Allow attendees to easily find themselves on an open tablet, complete a survey (if required) and edit/print badges
Experience an efficient and fast process where attendees collect their badges and check-in within seconds
Enhanced attendee experience with our Touchless Check-In, expediting the process and minimizing surface contact
Tap into the various built-in opportunities to promote sponsors right from the entry point of your event

Integrated Badge Printing

PheedLoop has its own proprietary badge printing system that works seamlessly with our check-in experience. We provide one of the only cloud-based badge printing solutions on the market!

Unparalleled flexibility
Customizations and Automations
PheedLoop's Badge Printing system is designed to be highly customizable. Brand the interface and flow of your badge printing process to make it unique to your event and attendees!
PheedLoop's badge, logo and a blue cardboard box
Pen icon
Personalized messages
Send personalized messages based on attendee tags so they get targeted communications
Wifi icon
Various configuration options
Configure your OnSight hardware flexibly in countless ways
Survey icon
Custom survey
Create and embed personalized surveys, such as waivers or terms and conditions
Graph icon
Real-time reports
Use SmartSight to get real-time reports on how your event is doing
Scan and go!

Touchless Check-In With QR Codes

QR code scanning makes the whole event check-in process fast, simple, and effortless. Whether your attendees are checking in through mobile or the kiosk, this is always a great option for those who want to opt for a touchless check-in option.

Scanning icon

Scan QR code in seconds to pull up all information and check-in immediately

Checkmark icon

Choose from multiple scanning options such as tickets, e-badges, physical badges, or email-based QR codes sent out prior to the event

check-in made Easy

Session Check-In Simplified

PheedLoop's Session Check-In system is a powerful tool for events that are trying to gather engagement information, track CE credits, and verify access to specific sessions.

Leverage the session check-in and check-out system with customizable settings in the Pheedloop Go! mobile event app
Scan badges and jump into sessions fast and seamlessly
Empower attendees to self check-in by entering text codes or scanning QR codes
Allow attendees to gather credits and receive their PDF certificates post-event with our integrated CE credit system
Use SmartSight to get real-time analytics about session engagement and attendance information
An astronaut scanning a QR code using the PheedLoop Go mobile event app
modern mobile Experience

Mobile Check-In Capabilities

Designed for events that are on-the-go or need to scale quickly, mobile check-in through the PheedLoop Go! Mobile App is a powerful system where attendees can scan their ticket, badge or e-badge and check themselves into an event.

Print from any mobile device

Benefit from printing badges wirelessly directly from your Android and iOS devices 

Instant check-in and badge printing

Experience the entire check-in and badge printing process in under 3 seconds

Manage check-in anywhere

View all attendee details, redeem individual tickets and check-in from anywhere

Seamless information management

Manage information with ease as everything is synced with your kiosk-based check-in system, ensuring everything is up-to-date

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Frequently Asked Questions

How dos your price guarantee for badges and lanyards work?
Simply put, we will beat the pricing for any badge and lanyard quotations you receive outside PheedLoop by 10% for identical products.
What sets PheedLoop's hybrid tech apart?
PheedLoop has been powering on-site events since 2015, so all the critical tech you need (e.g. mobile app, on-site check-in, badges, streaming, floor plans, scanning) are all built-in! Pair that with PheedLoop's virtual portal which has powered over 2,500 events and is fully synced with the on-site experience for a seamless hybrid event. Most companies either transitioned from virtual to some basic form of hybrid, or rely on selling a cookie-cutter platform (usually a mobile app) for both on-site and virtual attendees.
What if I don't know how many attendees will be in-person vs. virtual?
No problem! This is why we've built PheedLoop's tech and pricing to be extremely flexible. The good news is, the virtual portal itself is free for hybrid events, it's a promotion we are running for the next year to help events go hybrid. Also, PheedLoop is 100% pay as you go. The tech itself is designed to work uniquely but without any additional effort on your part for both in-person and virtual attendees.
How does streaming work from on-site to virtual?
Since streaming is a cornerstone for hybrid events, we've worked to provide best-in-class options via a direct RTMP link that your venue or AV team can easily leverage (with automatic recording). You can also use our native Meet & Stream system, our Zoom integration, or any other third-party streaming service if RTMP isn't ideal for you. Plus, you can make your event available on-demand as well and stream for free post-event!
Does PheedLoop offer on-site support?
Absolutely, we've been offering on-site support for years and our team has supported events worldwide. It's $950/day (not including travel and accommodations), and we'll help you with whatever you need including attendee support, on-site printing, streaming troubleshooting, and more. We also offer virtual on-site support at a lower cost, which allows you to get us on a video call anytime.

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