5 Unique Ways to Use PheedLoop's Event App Gamification to Engage Your In-person Attendees!

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What is Gamification?

In today's competitive event landscape, capturing and maintaining attendees' attention is crucial to the success of your in-person events. That's where gamification comes into play. Gamification is the art of incorporating competition, games, rewards, and other game-playing elements, such as point-scoring, to encourage engagement and participation at your events. By leveraging custom mobile apps like PheedLoop Go, you can create immersive and interactive experiences that keep attendees engaged and excited throughout your event. In this blog post, we will explore five unique ways to use gamification on PheedLoop's Event App to engage your in-person event attendees.

Why Implement Gamification at Your Events?

Before diving into the ways you can leverage gamification, let's understand why it's essential to incorporate it into your events:

1. Increase attendee engagement and experience: By adding interactive elements and games to your event, you make it more lively and fun, increasing attendee participation and interaction. Who doesn't love a good challenge, right?

2. Generate sales and revenue: Gamification can drive traffic and interest towards specific areas of your event, such as booths or sponsors. By incentivizing attendees to visit these areas or participate in specific activities, you can boost sales and create additional revenue streams.

3. Improve event management: Gamification serves as a valuable tool for gathering data on attendee preferences, improving event flow, and incentivizing punctuality and survey participation. With the right tools and data, you can enhance your event management practices and make future events even better.

4. Create a sense of achievement: Gamification fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among attendees. Completing challenges or winning games makes attendees feel valued and motivated. Furthermore, gamification can reward attendees for their ongoing engagement with your brand, creating a loyal and enthusiastic community.

Now that we understand the benefits of gamification, let's explore the five unique ways to incorporate it into your event using PheedLoop's Event App:

1. Enable Prize Redemptions for Attendees to Win Awesome Prizes On-site

One of the standout features of PheedLoop's Gamification module is the ability to allow attendees to earn and redeem points for exciting prizes. Unlike other platforms, PheedLoop's unique approach enables attendees to not only accumulate points but also redeem them instantly for awesome prizes. By creating a diverse range of prizes and showcasing them on the Event App with attractive photos and descriptions, you can ignite attendees' motivation to earn points.

To enhance the prize selection, consider reaching out to your event sponsors and ask if they can donate prizes. This not only adds value to the event but also provides sponsors with an opportunity to showcase their products or services. Additionally, you can create a raffle entry for a highly coveted prize, encouraging attendees to participate actively. With PheedLoop's built-in mechanism for prize redemption and facilitation, managing the process becomes seamless and hassle-free.

2. Create an Exhibitor Passport Program in Your Tradeshow Hall

Tradeshow halls are a hub of activity and a prime opportunity for attendees to engage with exhibitors. To maximize attendee traffic and encourage booth visits, implement a digital Exhibitor Passport Program using PheedLoop's event app. This program revolves around hiding unique scavenger hunt codes at each exhibitor booth.

Attendees are challenged to scan QR codes conveniently placed at each booth to collect the codes. As they accumulate codes from various exhibitors, they progress toward completing their exhibitor passport. To add an extra layer of excitement, offer attendees the chance to enter a draw for a special prize once they have scanned all the codes. This gamified approach not only drives traffic to exhibitor booths but also encourages exploration and discovery within the tradeshow hall.

3. Incentivize Attendees to Provide Session Feedback

Gathering valuable feedback from attendees is essential for improving your event and understanding their preferences. However, obtaining feedback can sometimes be challenging. By leveraging gamification within the Event App, you can incentivize attendees to provide session feedback effortlessly.

PheedLoop's Event App allows you to assign a set number of gamification points for each session survey completed. Attendees can provide feedback with just a few clicks, and in return, they earn gamification points. This approach not only increases the response rate for session surveys but also creates a sense of achievement for attendees who actively participate. Additionally, you gain valuable insights to enhance your event content and improve future sessions.

4. Team-Based Gamification

Who doesn't love a healthy dose of competition? PheedLoop stands out by offering a unique feature: Team Gamification. This exciting concept allows you to create customized teams within the Event App and display a scoreboard showcasing the teams' accumulated gamification points.

For internal company-wide events, you can pit different teams against each other, such as the Sales Team versus the Engineering Team, in a quest to see who earns the most points. Associations with regional chapters can engage attendees by fostering friendly competition among these groups. By incorporating team-based gamification, you foster a sense of camaraderie, encourage teamwork, and create an exhilarating event atmosphere. Remember to reward the winning team with a special prize to further motivate participation and celebrate their achievement.

5. Incentivize Attendees to Engage with the Event through Gamification Actions

PheedLoop's Event App offers a wide range of gamification actions and methods to incentivize attendee engagement. With over 10 ways to earn gamification points, you can tailor the challenges to align with your event goals and objectives. This flexibility allows you to design an engaging experience that encourages specific behaviors and interactions.

For example, if you want to increase internal social media engagement, consider adding gamification points for attendees who post event-related photos and videos on social platforms. If you want to boost participation in live Q&A sessions or polls, award points to attendees who actively engage in these activities. Furthermore, you can incentivize attendees to book meetings with each other by offering gamification points for successful connections. The possibilities are endless, and PheedLoop is continually adding new ways to add fun and excitement to the gamification module.


Gamification is a powerful tool that can transform your in-person events into dynamic and engaging experiences. By incorporating elements of competition, rewards, and interactive games through PheedLoop's Event App, you can captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression. Enable prize redemptions, create an exhibitor passport program, incentivize session feedback, implement team-based gamification, and encourage attendees to engage through gamification actions. With PheedLoop's robust gamification module, you have the tools to create a lively and immersive event atmosphere that attendees will remember long after the event concludes. Embrace gamification and unlock the full potential of attendee engagement at your next in-person event.

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