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June 1, 2023
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5 Ways to Boost Session Engagement Using PheedLoop’s Event App

5 Ways to Boost Session Engagement Using PheedLoop’s Event App

Session engagement plays a crucial role in the success of any event. By encouraging participants to interact with sessions before, during, and after the event, organizers can enhance the overall attendee experience and gather valuable analytics for future improvements. PheedLoop's Event App provides a range of features that can help drive session engagement and maximize the value delivered to attendees. In this blog post, we will explore five effective strategies for leveraging Event App technology to boost session engagement at your next event!

1. Create an Interactive Gamified Session Experience Using Live Polls 

Live polls offer an excellent way to engage participants during sessions. With PheedLoop's Event App, speakers can easily create and display live polls that encourage active participation. The App allows speakers to pre-create their polls in the Speaker Portal and activate them instantly when needed. These live polls can be displayed both within the App and on a dedicated web portal, making it convenient for attendees to participate.

Moreover, the data collected through live polls provides valuable insights for event administrators and speakers. The poll results can be exported and analyzed to gain deeper understanding of the audience and identify trends. To make the experience even more engaging, event organizers can introduce gamification elements and award participants with points or rewards for their active involvement.

2. Preschedule Reminders to Attendees Using Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful tool for keeping attendees informed and engaged throughout the event. By customizing and pre-scheduling push notifications in advance, event administrators can remind attendees about important activities, sessions, and opportunities for engagement. PheedLoop's Event App allows for targeted notifications based on attendee tags and tickets, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience.

These push notifications can serve various purposes, such as encouraging attendees to participate in event-wide gamification games, attend specific sessions, pre-register for sessions, or explore the exhibit hall. Event organizers can leverage push notifications to create a sense of anticipation and excitement, driving session engagement by highlighting valuable opportunities attendees won't want to miss.

3. Facilitate a Dedicated Time for Q&A

Q&A sessions provide a valuable platform for attendees to engage with speakers and seek clarifications or insights. PheedLoop's Event App simplifies the Q&A process, allowing attendees to submit their questions conveniently through the dedicated Q&A tab. Other attendees can up-vote questions for added weighting. This non-interruptive approach ensures that questions are captured effectively and eliminates the need for attendees to interrupt the session flow.

Speakers can access the questions asked through the speaker portal or the Event App and choose which ones to address during the session. Attendees can also submit their questions in advance, giving speakers an opportunity to prepare comprehensive responses. Event administrators can export the Q&A information and share it with speakers, fostering better speaker-audience interaction and enhancing the overall session engagement.

4. Ask Attendees for Feedback Using Surveys

Feedback is an invaluable resource for event organizers and speakers alike. By collecting feedback from attendees, event administrators can gather insights to improve future events, while speakers can refine their speaking engagements based on audience preferences. PheedLoop's Event App provides a convenient way for attendees to provide instant feedback on each session.

Event administrators can create customized surveys associated with specific sessions, tailoring questions to gather relevant feedback. To incentivize attendees to provide feedback, event organizers can introduce gamification points or rewards. This encourages passionate community members to actively participate and contribute to the event's success. By leveraging the App's feedback feature, organizers can gather measurable data and insights to enhance the overall event experience.

5. Share Content Ahead of Time Using Files and Videos

Providing attendees with access to session-related content before the event enhances engagement and helps them make informed choices. With PheedLoop's Event App, event administrators and speakers can upload valuable files and videos on a per-session basis. By encouraging attendees to log in to the App in advance, organizers can incentivize them to explore sessions and pre-register based on their interests.

Within the Event App, attendees can access detailed information about each session, including speaker profiles, video content, and downloadable files. This pre-event access empowers attendees to engage more deeply with the session topics and come prepared with relevant questions or ideas. By leveraging the App's content sharing capabilities, event organizers can facilitate a richer session experience and drive higher engagement levels.


Session engagement is crucial for delivering value to attendees and gathering valuable data for future event improvements. With PheedLoop's Event App, organizers can unlock five powerful strategies to drive session engagement. By curating interactive gamified experiences with live polls, scheduling push notifications to remind attendees, facilitating dedicated Q&A sessions, collecting feedback through surveys, and sharing content ahead of time, event organizers can enhance attendee satisfaction, foster meaningful interactions, and lay the foundation for future successful events.

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