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March 3, 2022
Product Updates

Announcing Our New Live Display System for On-Site and Hybrid Events

Announcing Our New Live Display System for On-Site and Hybrid Events

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Our engineering team has been on a roll recently when it comes to on-site event tech. As terrible as the pandemic was for the events industry, it gave us the chance at PheedLoop to not only build incredible virtual event tech, but also spend the last 2 years rebuilding and revamping much of our on-site event tech that has served events for nearly a decade. From new supply chains for lower cost badges and lanyards, hardware for on-site printing/check-in, and integrated design tools for floor plans and badges, to our massive announcement of our brand new mobile event app (PheedLoop Go!) for hybrid events - there’s no doubt we’ve had a lot of fun building the future of events.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our refreshed Live Display module for on-site events. It’s completely rebuilt and re-designed, and meant to facilitate more interaction for on-site attendees with virtual attendees over time as new features are added.

What is a Live Display?

If you’re not familiar with what the Live Display is, it’s essentially an interface you would open up and set in full screen view on televisions or projectors around your venue. Similar to displays at airports that show flight information, the Live Display at your on-site events will show all kinds of information that’s both informational and entertaining. Naturally, the information will be real-time so it will make your event feel far more alive and interactive.

Examples of what types of information the Live Display interface shows are gamification leaderboards, social feeds, news and announcements, agendas, floor plans, sponsors, weather, WiFi, and more.

Live Display for Events

Multiple Live Displays and Location Awareness

Aside from all the new features the Live Display refresh brings, there’s one major difference under the hood that we’re particularly excited about. That difference is the ability to create an unlimited number of individual Live Displays, instead of having one global one for the entire event. The cherry on the top is that each Live Display has its own settings, and the new option to specify a specific location at your event.

The reason this unlocks so much more potential for your on-site events is because location-specific Live Displays can display information relevant to its surroundings. For example, many venues have televisions outside individual conference rooms, or projectors in the rooms themselves. Now that you can specify unique Live Displays for each room, you can:

  • Show the location’s name nice and large on each Live Display
  • Show real-time alerts for which session is happening now and which is coming up next
  • Show a filtered view of the agenda listing sessions only happening at the specified location
  • Display location-specific sponsors (e.g. sponsors for specific sessions, for the expo hall, etc.)
  • Display location-specific maps, floor plans, and navigation information (e.g. expo hall floor plan outside the expo hall)
Live Display for Events

Sponsorship Opportunities Everywhere

PheedLoop fans know just how obsessed we are about giving event professionals as many opportunities to promote their sponsors as possible. It’s also not just about turning your tech into a smorgasbord of logos. With the launch of our new Live Display system, we’ve also released a bunch of more spots where you can promote sponsors in targeted ways. Also, promote them constantly throughout the Live Display experience, not just on the sponsors part of the carousel. With these additions, there are over 100 ways to promote sponsors in PheedLoop across all our portals!

Next Steps

We’re going to be working on some exciting features to use the Live Display to not only be of benefit to on-site attendees, but also to their virtual counterparts and to help on-site attendees get a glimpse into what’s going on in the virtual world. Stay tuned for updates!

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