Announcing SmartSight! Real-Time Event Analytics for Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Events!
January 9, 2023

First, a Special Offer!

For any new customers coming on board in April 2021 or renewing their contract, we’re offering Advanced SmartSight for free! Apply this credit to any of your events, any time. If you joined us or renewed in April before this blog post went live, just reach out to our team and we’ll add the credits to your account! We make an effort to provide some free benefits to all new customers to welcome them to the PheedLoop Phamily!

PheedLoop Real-Time Virtual and Hybrid Event Analytics Example


It’s time to unveil one of the most anticipated and valuable features which we teased at Changemakers last week. Today, we’re proud to unveil PheedLoop’s real-time analytics system called SmartSight!

PheedLoop, being the wildly comprehensive platform that it is, has always yielded one consistent request from customers. More analytics! From abstract submissions, session check-ins, and ticket sales, to exhibit leads, session streams, badge scans, and hundreds of other actions in the PheedLoop universe of event technology, there’s just so much to dig into and learn more about. Data is increasingly at the center of everything that makes modern events and modern event planners successful. From proving sponsor ROI and boosting efficiency to engaging attendees and growing revenue.

The Goal of SmartSight’s Real-Time Analytics

The goal of SmartSight is simple - to turn PheedLoop into the smartest event management platform on the planet. While that’s not a unique goal, the difference between PheedLoop and the endless array of other event platforms out there is that PheedLoop is a true and full event management platform as it goes far beyond your basic registration, mobile app, virtual event, etc. tools. As a result, you can expect, over time, to gain access to real-time data for hundreds of actions and track every click, every second, every interaction at your events.

How SmartSight Works

SmartSight is going to automatically capture data for your events behind the scenes, there’s nothing you have to do to turn it on and get started. It’s that simple! Any events running after 12 pm EST on April 8th will begin to benefit from this feature.

This weekend, we’ll be releasing the interface you can use to start viewing the data that has been collected via the Data & Reports section of your dashboard. You’ll be able to play around with a bunch of the actions we have launched SmartSight with, and given the current popularity of virtual events, we’re starting there. Of course, all our physical event products and features will also benefit from SmartSight in the very near future, alongside countless other virtual event data points. An example of what you can expect to start with are:

  • Pageviews and time spent in exhibit hall, session and stage area, and the lobby
  • Visits and time spent in each individual exhibitor booth
  • Visits and time spent in each individual session
  • Visits and time spent in group networking
  • Public chat messages sent to exhibitors for each booth
  • Public chat messages sent in sessions for each session
  • Public chat messages sent in the virtual lobby
  • Private chat messages exchanged between attendees (not the actual messages, only the action)

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and for each metric, you can drill down to specific date ranges, and select from “Count”, “Duration”, and “Unique Users” where applicable. Note that the data captured in your event will be processed and available just an hour after it has been captured!

You also have the option to CSV export the data behind the charts you generate, and conveniently export images of the charts as well!

For the code geeks reading this post, SmartSight is built on an Apache Kafka, Storm, and Cassandra framework.

Let’s Look at an Example!

As many of you know, we ran our Q1 2021 user conference last week, called Changemakers. It was a smashing success, with 1,000+ customers in attendance and just a tonne of fun, education, and growth for everyone involved. We used SmartSight to take a look at Changemakers.

Although there are countless things we can dive into, let’s just look at what the day looked like in terms of visits to specific sections of the event.

PheedLoop Real-Time Virtual and Hybrid Event Analytics Example

How about if we select the Average Duration metric for Pageviews?

PheedLoop Real-Time Virtual and Hybrid Event Analytics Example

We haven't drilled down at all yet into specific sessions, exhibits, or explore the far more exciting metrics, this is really just the most basic thing but it still tells you so much!

How Much Does SmartSight Cost?

Note: For the most specific and current pricing information related to PheedLoop, please refer to our official pricing documentation or email us at

The simple answer is that it is 100% free to gain access to all aggregate metrics available in SmartSight. As you know, we go above and beyond to create a super affordable platform and continue to add value, almost on a daily basis, at no cost. It's a huge part of our culture and who we are.

There is an advanced version of SmartSight that comes at our standard add-on rate of $950 per event credit (to help us offset costs related to higher quantities of advanced queries). At present, this allows access to Level 2 metrics, which means you can drill down to specific exhibitors, sessions, sections, etc. to go beyond the aggregate metrics. The advanced version also allows you to set custom date and time ranges, so instead of seeing data for a whole day at once, you can zoom into custom ranges of time and also get as specific as you want. The advanced version is useful for larger events or events heavily focused on data, reporting, and optimization.

For the average event, the free version of SmartSight should be more than enough and that’s why we’ve designed it to be as valuable as possible for the general event planner by ensuring you have access to all metrics. You can expect continuous value to be added to both the free and advanced versions of SmartSight over the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!

How SmartSight Gets Smarter

Like everything else we build at PheedLoop, we build things with the future in mind. We build things fast, get products into the hands of customers quickly, get their feedback, and grow. The same is true with SmartSight.

The great thing about SmartSight is that we’ve built it in such a way that it’s almost effortless to add new metrics to the list we have - so you can expect an exponential increase in the number of metrics you’ll be able to track. We’ll be adding the website, on-site experience, mobile event app, and more to the list of experiences that we’ll capture metrics for, and it just gets better from there.

SmartSight is in its infancy right now, so we can’t wait to show you all the amazing ways in which we help you run the smartest events you’ve ever run.

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